Samsung Wants to Make Batteries With 250 Wh / kg In Five Years -
Samsung Wants to Make Batteries With 250 Wh / kg In Five Years -

Samsung has posted on its website its plan by the next decade on expectations that keep regarding their work with automotive batteries. The company that supplies exclusively batteries for electric vehicles BMW, expected in five years may be producing packs of batteries that hold 250 Wh / kg .

This figure would mean a higher energy density, and therefore is the way to increase the autonomy of electric cars. Judging by their intentions, Koreans are the work of making things easier electric mobility, and within that same plan estimate that by early next decade to reach 300 Wh / kg .


For the latter goal, Samsung plans to develop technology for application of the lithium-air . As we told you at the time, these could eventually allow up to 800 km of autonomy to an electric car. As we await a handful of years to visualize that figure, the manufacturer also has plans to develop batteries of nickel-cobalt-manganese .

Via | Inside EVs

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