Satoru Iwata: It Was He Who Championed Innovation In Nintendo, Not The Struggle For Specifications - -
Satoru Iwata: It Was He Who Championed Innovation In Nintendo, Not The Struggle For Specifications - -

Who knew him say that Satoru Iwata was an affable and honest person. And the truth is that the gamers we have formed the impression about him through his interventions in the markets, especially at E3, and, above all, through videos Nintendo Direct. But more interesting is that from a strictly professional view was a great software engineer .

His ability to debug code when the conflicting games in a short time caused their heads were fixed on him since his first steps in HAL Laboratory. And their innovative ideas, some even revolutionary, stimulated the Yamauchi family, clan founder Nintendo belonging to all the presidents of the company until then decide hand it down in the direction of the company .

His arrival in the presidency began a new stage in which Nintendo was separated from the road by transiting its competitors. And above all, in which gamers have been enjoying both consoles as a different software. Iwata was, certainly, the strongest advocate of innovation in the ranks of Nintendo.

Innovation by flag

GameCube, the fourth console from Nintendo, did not work in the market. They needed a bombshell to recover the tug company was bowing to Kyoto Sony (Sega was already at a low ebb despite its Dreamcast was a great console and Microsoft began to make inroads with its Xbox ), and Iwata seem to I saw it clearly. They needed to differentiate itself from its competitors in a much more forceful way and bet all his cards in favor of innovation , even though this conllevase abandon the battle for the technical specifications where they were, somehow, lost the other players in the sector.

Zapper Satoru Iwata: It Was He Who Championed Innovation In Nintendo, Not The Struggle For Specifications - -

Enter much innovation in a new console, and at the same time, giving it a leading specifications, usually causes the price is high. E Iwata knew his next console if you really wanted to be popular, must have a reasonable and lower the price of its competitors. But above all, he should reach everyone, not just gamers. It had to be intuitive, easy to use, fun, and above all, appealing to a range of users with a varied age . The result of this new strategy was Wii. Original La.

Iwata became clear that to regain lost ground with its Wii GameCube had to be innovative, intuitive and appealing to a wide audience, not just for gamers

Nintendo has always been an innovative company. He risked in the 60s when he decided to leave to devote himself to the crafting of Hanafuda cards (one traditional deck of cards in Japan) to dig deep in the taxi business, television, food industry and hotels. But soon after Hiroshi Yamauchi, president at the time, saw the potential it had the toy market and decided to try it. And in the 70s, finally began the Nintendo we know today , the company dedicated in body and soul to the game.

Superna Satoru Iwata: It Was He Who Championed Innovation In Nintendo, Not The Struggle For Specifications - -

Some of the innovations that have come out “oven” of Nintendo before arrival to the presidency of Satoru Iwata were the Zapper light gun, the spider-way control, triggers and sticks analog, among other options. Many of these solutions were so bright at the time that were adopted by the industry de facto, yet still use today. But following the arrival in the direction of the company Iwata innovation pace it accelerated . Largely to him we owe the gaming experience over two screens that DS offers us the 3D without glasses 3DS , the Wii U game asymmetric , and, of course, the revolutionary Wii remote control.

The Wii Remote and drones

The innovativeness of Nintendo has transcended the world of video games. And the best example of this reality are some of the technologies that can now be found inside smartphones, and, interestingly, also in the drones. To make a success of the command Iwata had in mind for Nintendo Wii engineers had to manage with the help of some companies that collaborated with them on this project, to miniaturize and lower the cost of the components of the Wii Remote.

Mandowii Satoru Iwata: It Was He Who Championed Innovation In Nintendo, Not The Struggle For Specifications - -

This effort made ​​it possible could be included in this stylized joystick an accelerometer, a light sensor, an electronic compass and a gyroscope, among other innovative elements. But also he demonstrated the technology industry multiple applications that can integrate these sensors when a consumer device, and also that it was possible to get very compact and inexpensive design .

A part of the technology that we all carry in your pocket is owed to the efforts made Nintendo Wii Remote

Thanks largely to Iwata, Nintendo and Wii Remote, our mobile phones have the provision of sensors that allows them to perform many of its functions. This technology has also been instrumental in the development of drones business that can currently get at reasonable prices, and that without these navigational instruments could not fly.

Wii U and NX: innovation goes ahead

The latest console from Nintendo, Wii U, has clearly surpassed therefore like PS4 Xbox One , which have higher figures despite having less time on the sales market. Still, gamers must recognize that Wii U, despite its shortcomings, is an innovative console . Your joystick with integrated display makes possible the secondary display, the streaming of games from the console and the asymmetric game, three fresh ideas that possibly will leave a deep mark in the sector. The time will allow us to check. NX,the platform you are working , and will be released in 2016, still we have few clues. But what we know smells innovation. As expected.

Wii U Satoru Iwata: It Was He Who Championed Innovation In Nintendo, Not The Struggle For Specifications - -

Iwata, unfortunately, will not be among us when the console hits stores. But NX, or whatever you call this platform when a commercial device , always will belong . It will be part of his legacy. Satoru is gone, but has not yet told us his last word.

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