How to save money during vacations


Useful tips to save expenses in planning our trips. Planning is basic if you want to save money, so spending the time to plan your trip and consider all the expenses that may arise is one of the things you can do to save and not get out of your budget.

  1. Do not leave the extra expenses for the last moment

Do not leave for the last moment the extras like the airport parking thinking that we will get a cheaper price. Those who buy in advance always find the best deals.

  1. The phone

Do not make calls from the mobile phone unless it is really necessary. It is best to free the phone and buy a sim card on arrival at the destination.

  1. Avoid eating in tourist areas

Do not eat in the tourist areas, instead, imitate the locals and mingle with each other. The locals know the best places to eat and you will enjoy a more authentic experience for a significantly lower price. The prices in tourist areas are higher than compared to other areas.

  1. Fit to budget

Plan well, set a vacation budget before you leave and adjust to it.

  1. Luggage

Write a list of things to wear and stick to it religiously; The more we have the more the airlines will charge us or simply, the heavier it gets.

  1. Do not carry all the money

Do not try to save money on commissions from overseas banks traveling with excessive amounts of cash. Losing money or, worse, stealing it, will cost us more than the commissions we try to avoid. Nowdays the Western Union is one of the fastest money transfer in the world. Another option is to take half of your money and let the other half to be sent by someone you know.

  1. Buy advance tickets

Decide which attractions or places you want to see before you go and commit to seeing them. It does not make sense to go to Paris and not see the Mona Lisa or go up to the Eiffel Tower, just to save money. Buying a pass for several museums/attractions will save us a lot of money and will take us to additional places. By the way, everything works online now. We are in the 21st century.

  1. Make own guide

Instead of buying a guide, download information from the internet and print. You can make a guide customized to your interests. It does not save you a million but at least something.

  1. If we can travel in low season

If we booked the stay for midweek, instead of the weekend it always comes cheaper. In addition, some destinations are surprisingly inexpensive in the off-season, and if we do not mind risking bad weather or skipping some closed museums, there are plenty of bargains to take advantage of.

  1. Travel to cheaper places

Take advantage of the change to weaker currencies: if we go somewhere where our currency is over, we will feel rich.

You may want to learn more, please go through the videos below that we think will definitely help you.