How to Save or Reduce Battery Consumption on a Laptop


When you give a constant use to your laptop you may have the problem that the battery will discharge and you can not charge or keep charging at those times that possibly is where you are.

You can do some things on the laptop that will reduce battery consumption considerably, which we explain below.

Before you have to understand how the battery of the laptop is consumed. The components that consume more battery are the screen, the processor, the graphic chip or integrated graphic card and the temperature that maintains the laptop. Understanding this we can do some things to reduce the power consumption of the laptop.

Reduce overall battery consumption

The first and easiest and quickest thing you can do is:

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Then click on system and security. (Or find Power Options if the View (right top) is set in  small icons)
  • Click on “Power Options”.
  • You will see several options to choose from. Select the one that says “Power saver.”

Conrol panelConrol panel

This will greatly reduce the battery consumption of the notebook.

Disadvantages of reducing the overall battery consumption of a laptop

  • You can reduce performance in cases where you use your laptop for heavy operations for it, such as playing video games or rendering.
  • The brightness of the screen will be somewhat reduced.

Reduce processor power consumption

Usually, there are processes in the background doing tasks. Many of these processes are unnecessary and cause excessive consumption of CPU (Processor) and therefore the power consumption of your laptop increases.

To reduce processor power consumption, you first disable unnecessary programs that start with Windows.

It also opens the task manager and looks at the processes that are running in the background. Those that you see unnecessary to finalise them and uninstalls the program corresponding to those processes.

How do you know which processes are unnecessary?

Processes that correspond to programs that run in the background unnecessarily.

Some examples are:

  • Plugins and add-ons from Apple and iTunes.
  • Processes corresponding to toolbars.
  • Programs that should only be executed when you have them open.

Doing this will also help you save a lot of RAM consumption.

Base with fans for laptop

Laptops the more they work, the more they heat up and consume electrical energy and consume energy in addition to the heat generated, as the processor and the graphics chip as they get warmer are forced to work harder.

You can put a base with fans to the laptop making it not so hot and consuming less battery.