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I guess you have to get a cup of coffee, tea , popcorn or any snacks because we will be talking a very interesting article that you may haven’t read such!

For those who doesnt know what is SEO, why is it and how can you use it – I will be talking fist about these questions. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or Optimizer. It is very important to have it in your Blog or Website (Let’s call it “BlogoWeb” to give it a short name) .  SEO is something that you need it to be found easily in Google, Bing, Yandex and other search websites.

To make it easy clear for you let me bring some examples:

 – Imagine you have a file named “Tinoshare.file” in one folder. What if you have  millions of files in that folder. Or maybe you dont remember where did you copy the “Tinoshare.file” file. Obviously you try to use a search in that folder and then you will definitely find it, right?. But what if you didn’t name that file and you try to search it or even you don’t know what the name of that file was? You have to go through every folder just to find it. You will find it but you have to spend time and search every folder.

Exactly Same with Search Engines as Google , Bing and others. Your Tinoshare will be visible in search engines but it will be hard to find it. You have to go to the page above 20th and still keep searching then you will find it.

This is that simple! But we dont want that right? We want our site to appear on the first page. So we have to do the SEO right then, right? We have to give a specific title to our tinoshare to be found fast and easy.

if you are a blogoweber then you have to understand that although you have a really amazing and perfect SEO strategy used on your wblogoweb, you still might not able to see your blogoweb on the first page of Search Engine. Why? There is another challenge that we need to fight for it and get it work perfect too. It is “Page Rank”. Yea, I know you heard about page rank and if you didnt heard about it then the name itself describes everything.

Page Rank is like you are in your class and the teacher rates you among other students. If a Teacher chooses other student as the best then you will know that you are after him. You can fight for it by studying more and beating him. Same with Page Rank. You have to fight for it to get your blogoweb page ranked.

 The SEO has a deep secret that many blogowebers dont think of it as a serious. Even you! But you should have to. What is the secret though? Interesting question and I will explain it by just giving an example:

 – Have you ever heard about Psychology? How about Reading people’s mind? How to understand what kind of person he or she is and how to know what he or she is gonna ask before she or he asks? Imagine if any kid comes to you, you already know what kind of things they want and you can make that kid happy by just giving them the right things. Obviously some toys, ice cream and other things that usually kids want.  When you know that he wants to eat ice cream and you give him an ice-cream before he asks, then he will be happy and you will be happy too because you have just read his mind.

 The SEO strategy is same. You have to generate a keyword for your article and it must be related to it,  Yes, I said it must be related to your article and if you give 4 words keyword to your SEO, at least 2 words must match or should be found in yout content.

Let me bring you another example of SEO – TO SITE LINK, TITLE & ARTICLE :

  •  – You have an article about “Tinoshare”
  •  – Your Title for this article is ” Tinoshare is the best site in the world 
  •  – You mention on your article ” It is an amazing site in the world that offers MORE   THAN 500000 RESOURCES TO USE, CREATE and ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. I    found it very helpful amazing site and almost inspired by the articles from this  site “- And you write how perfect it is, what it offers, why it is perfect, how did  you find it, what do you know about it and so on.
  • – Your site name will be Tinoshare-is-the-best-site-in-the-world after publishing.
So, how does SEO works:

Now pay attention more to the example I gave above as this is the key you must know first.  Search engine gets a query or someone types “best site of the year” and the results will show up. Let’s talk about Google for now. So, Google has already indexed sites in its search engine and has specified which keyword is related to which site and what is the page rank (PR) of it. And if you have a page rank of 1 and above then there are chances your site will appear on the first page, but you have to know that there are only 1 to 9 page rank so the results related to the search query will appear from 9 to 1. It means if any site with the page rank of 9,8,7 – has an article related to “best site of the year” , they will show up first.   Let’s look at the Graphic below to understand more.

And SEO will start bringing the results in front which matches with search query. It will search first if the SITE LINK MATCHES the search query. At the example above, your site tile  is . Does your site link matches the query? Yes, 2 words which are “best – site” matches the query.

Now, Google will find more related to the search query after if the site link is matched. It will go to the next one which is TITLE. Your title is “Tinoshare is the best site in the world “. Google find the match in your title which is again “best site”.

Again Google will look for the match of the query in the Article. You mention on your article ” It is an amazing site in the world that offers MORE THAN 500000 RESOURCES TO USE, CREATE and ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. I found it very helpful amazing site and almost inspired by the article from this site ” . Google has found 3 words matched the query and it will re order it with the PAGE RANKED sites and will show it on the first page.

>> If you dont know what is Search Engine Crawler (SEC) then click here to read next.

As you see, Google went through 3 steps just to bring your site to the front page.

–         Site Link  – OK

–         Title – OK

–         Article – Ok


Your SEO is the Main Reason for Google to search the matched word. If you dont have it set up well, then Google is not able to bring it to the first page although you have a high page rank.

As you know now that the search query was “best site of the year” and your blogoweb has the matches word in your blogoweb so, always make sure that your SEO set up is done well.

To make well, you should firstly consider what content are you writing about. Looking on the content you can easily come up with an SEO keywords. Now keep in mind that no matter what you will write for your keywords, is very important for your website to behave well on Google.

We have already an example, so, now let’s work on the keyword for that example. Your title was ” Tinoshare is the best site in the world ” so you should write these kind of keywords for your title :

–   Tinoshare

–   Best site

–   Best site in the world

–   Amazing site

–   What is the best site

–   Multi content site

–  etc.

It’s all depend on your article and as I said, you have to read and understand people’s mind. I m not saying you have to be psychologist but you have to ask yourself a question and find out your own answer before writing keywords for your SEO. It’s like knowing in advance what people will search and quickly write a content about that. Ask yourself like :

Q  –   What is the point of writing this article

A   –  To show people about my experience on one of the best site in the world

Q  –   Why this website?

A   –  Because it is a multi content site

Looking on your answers, you will be able to generate your best keyword for your SEO. Let’s watch this video to understand more

Let’s finish our article here as this was just a basic Strategy of SEO.

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