SEO In The Coming Years. Do You Still Call It SEO?

futuro-seo SEO In The Coming Years. Do You Still Call It SEO -
futuro-seo SEO In The Coming Years. Do You Still Call It SEO -

It takes a lot of time talking about whether SEO is dead, he will die …. but really the SEO still works , and today continues to be necessary in the digital marketing strategies along with content marketing is essential for successful brand positioning.

My question is focused on the next 5 or 10 years with the growth of mobile technology and increasing use of these more than desktop devices and with them their apps, predictive search, virtual assistants …

Have you seen what will come with iOS version 9? We speak of an improvement in his assistant Siri with contextual reminders and launch by Apple News app , which suggest personalized news to each user based on their interests. Do not miss the following video where we can see the new features:

But if we go to Android same thing happens, Google introduced Now on Tap, its contextual personal assistant, who has a clear integration with apps, look how it works:

In view of these major trends, you are going to be increasing the consumption of content and time navigation on websites vs Apps? This is where I wonder what will become of SEO as we know it , and we’ll go from search scenarios reactive, where the user is looking for what you need, to proactive information where the system sends the user what they will need, reducing the time it makes searches in search engines like Google and thus forcing the company to work on positioning its content based on context and user behavior .


The Best Relations communications agency has called this new optimization, Mobile Behaviour Optimization (MBO), I call it occurred to me Context Consumer Optimization (CCO), but apart from names, the end is not important, I would like know your opinions about what you think of the future of SEO and these new predictive trends.


What do you think will happen to the SEO as we know it today?


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