Signs that indicate hearing loss in the elderly

hearing loss

In the elderly is not always easy to detect a hearing problem. The tendency is to assume with normality problems to hear clearly, with the typical resignation summarized in the phrase “it is a thing of age” and, as it does not cause pain, the affected does not usually go to the specialist. 

However, you should not take this passive attitude, since deafness can cause the greater the following complications:

  • Social isolation, not participating because of discomfort in the talks.
  • Increased accidents by not hearing well, such as not hearing the horn of a car.
  • Misunderstandings with problematic repercussions, such as not understanding medical explanations.

In this sense, the people of the larger environment play a key role to detect a hearing problem, because there are clear signs that reveal:

  • The older man remains attentive to an explanation, but he does not understand it.
  • Does not respond to voices or loud calls.
  • It is absent in the middle of a conversation with a group of people.
  • He has difficulty knowing where the sounds come from.
  • Turns the TV or radio volume too high.
  • He does not take phone calls.

When several of these signs are perceived, should be advised to seek greater than audiologist for you to have an. Looking ahead to early detection, the people over 40 years one should be made annual audiological review.

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