Health care in the world is very uneven. Both the level of care and the death rates can be very different. Even in the countries of the same continent, we see differences.

That is why we can establish a ranking of countries that have the best health care that does not obey any particular geographical (if perhaps, most countries are in Europe or nations where sanity is public).


After analyzing the health competencies developed between 1990 and 2015 by countries around the world (based mainly on the mortality rates of 32 diseases that can be treated with appropriate medical care), Christopher Murray, head of the Institute for Health Metrics and Assessment Of the University of Washington has developed a study whose conclusions can be summarized in the following ranking.

Andorra, with a little more than 85,400 inhabitants, ranks first in the world ranking of health care and access. The following 24 countries, with a score of 0 to 100, are as follows:

  1. Andorra (95)
  2. Iceland (94)
  3. Switzerland (92)
  4. Sweden (90)
  5. Norway (90)
  6. Australia (90)
  7. Finland (90)
  8. Spain (90)
  9. The Netherlands (90)
  10. Luxembourg (89)
  11. Japan (89)
  12. Italy (89)
  13. Ireland (88)
  14. Austria (88)
  15. France (88)
  16. Belgium (88)
  17. Canada (88)
  18. Slovenia (87)
  19. Greece (87)
  20. Germany (86)
  21. Singapore (86)
  22. New Zealand (86)
  23. South Korea (86)
  24. Denmark (86)
  25. Israel (86)

The United States has been ranked 35th out of a total of 195 countries analyzed. The last places in the ranking are: Chad (38), Haiti (38), Guinea (38), South Sudan (38), Guinea-Bissau (36), Somalia (34) and Afghanistan (32).

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