Sony Alpha A68 Camera 4D Focus System

Sony Alpha A68 Camera 4D Focus System -
Sony Alpha A68 Camera 4D Focus System -

Sony has launched this week its new A-mount camera α68 model that will ship in the US and Canada. The new model uses the Ultra-Fast FOCUS 4D system, and has Translucent Mirror technology.

The camera was first presented in Europe and is compatible with the entire collection of A-mount lenses from Sony. The team used some of the systems II awarded as the A77 and use the FOCUS 4D system achieves a high degree of accuracy of autofocus when shooting in any situation chambers, including very low light moments.

The system uses 79 autofocus points, including 15 crossing points as well as a dedicated sensor F2.8AF to focus on low-light scenes. All this adds to the ultra fast autofocus and wide field, with production following tracking system moving objects. The α68 also uses Translucent Mirror Technology which allows continuous AF tracking up to 8 fps.

The camera uses an APS-C Exmor CMOS 24MP sensor with wide ISO sensitivity range from 100 to 25.600, which allows high quality images both still pictures and video. In this BIONZ image processor that uses X Detail Reproduction technology, Diffraction-reducing, and Area-specific Noise Reducing, eliminating blurry zones for fine detailed images adds.

Sony Alpha A68 Camera 4D Focus System -
Sony Alpha A68 Camera 4D Focus System –

The α68 also allows you to capture Full HD movies using the XAVC S format with recordings of up to 50 Mbps great detail. With Translucent Mirror Technology, you can be achieved with autofocus uncut shots with very accurate tracking of objects, to achieve professional-quality images.

Thanks to the wide range of controls and features, the camera is a perfect team for multiple types of users, from accessing an inexperienced interchangeable lens camera for the first time to more experienced photographers who can take full advantage of the team.

It is an easy-to-use, and Tru-Finder OED allows video footage and pictures comfortably. The Tru-Finder has a 100% coverage of frame, with color reproduction, high contrast and accurate. The camera also has an LCD monitor 2.7 “with 135 to pivot upwards and 55º downwards.

The controls have also been designed thinking of the comfort of the user. The camera has a decontrol wheel for quick adjustments and also has 10 buttons that can be configured with frequently used functions. The front control dial allows quick adjustments and has convenient when shooting with safety grip.

The team also has stabilization system SteadyShot INSIDE reduces the effects of camera shivering. It also has a Multi Interface Shoe and Multi Terminal to add accessories: flash, lights, microphones and remote controls.

The new Sony α68 will ship in April in the US for a price of $ 600 only the body; or 700 dollars with the DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM lens II.

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