Sony has recently introduced what will be the next microprojector laser technology,  MPCL1. It is a small device that can easily be transported and used in any situation obtaining projection surfaces of up to 120 inches to about 3.6 meters away.

Its main advantage over other existing micro-projectors is to use a laser as the light source, with durability, quality and colors with an autofocus system that analyzes the beam to detect and set the correct focus of the image.

It has a decent resolution for what usually projectors such as reaches 1920×720 pixels (something less than full HD), but falls a little short of light, because it offers only 32 lumens.


Image size and battery life

To give you an idea of the image sizes you can expect from the Sony MPCL1, at a distance of 4 feet from you to the surface that you are projecting on, the image will be 40 inches in size. 8 feet away will give you an 80 inch image and 12 feet away, will give you a 120 inch image.

The brightness of the displayed image is at 32 Lumens, with an 80,000:1 contrast ratio and wide color gamut. This may seem quite low but remember that the human eye perceives coherent light such as laser light as being much brighter than an LED illuminated DLP or LCOS image at the equivalent 32 Lumens.

Battery life hasn’t been disclosed yet by Sony but it does come with a 3000mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery which utilizes gel technology. I’m unsure how this plays out with viewing hours but a nice feature is that the Sony pico projector can charge your phone as well. So if you have your MPCL1 with you and you phone battery gets low, you can just top it off. A very nice additional feature!



Price and Availability

Now On Sale. $ 350.

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