Sony | New professional notebooks VAIO Z and VAIO S

Sony | New professional notebooks VAIO Z and VAIO S -

This week introduced two new VAIO notebook computers designed for business professionals, high-performance equipment and super portable. The VAIO Z is the head of the line, and will be available at the flip model, a team two in one convertible; and clamshell. The other is presented VAIO S. Both have capabilities for high-performance work and have a sophisticated design with a lightweight body.

The new notebooks offer answers to the most common requests from business executives with multiple ports, long battery life, portability and good user experience.

The VAIO Z is a lightweight equipment 1,300 / 1,150 kg depending on model. 28W uses an Intel processor Skylake sixth generation of high performance. The engine technology to reduce the size of the motherboard to locate a battery bigger and fans. The battery lasts up to 11.5 hours for the model flip and 15.5 hours for the clamshell model.

Sony | New professional notebooks VAIO Z and VAIO S -

The body is made of aluminum and carbon UD to provide stability and durability. It has a quiet keyboard and touchpad mica offers a very pleasant feel. The keyboard has a coating to remove stains. The model has a flip WQHD display of 13.3 “and clamshell model is available in version with full HD display WQHD or 13.3”.

The VAIO Z flip model has a rotating mechanism of the screen that allows users to adjust their notebooks from the clamshell to tablet mode position. The team also offers a wide range of viewing angles. Also, it includes a high-resolution camera of 8MP with CamScanner application facilitates capturing, storing, editing and sharing documents and images. The flip model includes a digital stylus that allows data entry as if you were writing on paper.

The VAIO S display has a full HD 13.3 “and is designed to be durable, thanks to its aluminum alloy casing, with reinforcements at strategic points also improve the feel of the keyboard and touch pad. The VAIO S has a variety of connectivity options, including analog RGB output, HDMI, LAN connector; and 3 USB 3.0 ports. On the other hand the laptop AC adapter includes a USB port for charging the smartphone.

When the notebook keyboard leans opens automatically for improved ergonomics. The keyboard is the same as the VAIO Z with quiet operation. The touch pad has separate right and left and is aligned to the center of the keyboard buttons. The VAIO S Signature Edition Microsoft includes eliminating unnecessary pre-installed software applications.


The VAIO Z clamshell model will have a starting price of $ 1499, and the flip model will cost $ 1,799. The VAIO S has a starting price of $ 1,099. Both teams will be sold through the Web site Vaio and through the Microsoft Store, and authorized resellers.