Sony Xperia X Review : a line of smartphones renewed with smart products and custom

Sony Xperia X Review a line of smartphones renewed with smart products and custom - (16)

Sony Mobile has presented during the MWC 2016 a new vision for its Xperia brand, with the first X-Series smartphones, seeking to renew the idea of communication with connected devices that change the mode of interaction. Xperia X, Xperia and Xperia X Performance XA camera with new technologies, battery and design: During the event new smartphones series “X” were presented. Joining them new devices like Xperia Ear were introduced, and the in-Car Bluetooth RM-X7BT command.

The new Xperia X has a renewed vision of the new Sony for brand design; also updating its camera and battery technology. The new camera allows shots even in well-defined situations lot of movement. Thanks to the new autofocus Predictive Autofocus found in the X and X Performance models, you can choose the object and predicting its movement to avoid blurring.

Advanced features Black Predictive AF Xperia X require a battery to accompany the team’s needs. Sony has incorporated a management system that provides intelligent battery lasts up to two days. Also uses the Adaptive Charging of Qnovo system.

With respect to its components, each equipment has received the processor that best suits your needs, the Xperia X uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor and Performance X uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with super fast connectivity.

The design of the equipment has been completely renovated with a new design concept with premium materials and textured, and a curvature that fits easily in the palm of your hand. All computers use display with curved glass, with a rounded and continuous frame.

Along with the introduction of new smartphones they have presented a series of products and concepts that add to the experience of Xperia. Xperia Ear is the next generation of wireless ear-piece that allows people to communicate while still enjoying the world around, offering a new type of hands-free experience. It provides useful information such as calendar, weather, latest news, to keep up anywhere.

Technology uses voice commands to Sony, and can be used to make calls, Internet searches, dictate a message or find a location on a map. It connects to any Android smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth and uses an application for configuration. It is a lightweight equipment, and silicone is comfortable, and has protection against water IPX2, battery duration of one day. It will be available in black, and has a case that doubles as a charger.

Sony also introduced a number of concepts in development that will join the Xperia experience. Including the Xperia Eye, a wearable camera ultra compact, wide-angle lens 360 that can be worn on clothing or neck.Closure technology has intelligent shutter face detection and voice to make good shots at any time.

The Xperia projector Projector allows natural and interactive projections on any surface. Responds to touch gestures and voice.

The Xperia Agent is a concept of personalized assistant that responds to voice gestures, providing useful information and functioning as controller home appliances. You will have a projector to project content on various surfaces.

Finally, the in-Car Bluetooth RM-X7BT command allows music streaming as wireless and enabled smartphone functions when you are driving. It consists of two units, an adapter module that allows music streaming and hands-free calls and a command that facilitates the use of smartphone functions such as navigation.

The new Xperia X, Performance Xperia and Xperia XA will combine covers and are available in white, black, gold, lime, pink and gold by mid-2016.