Spanish decrypts the message code WWII - World Ward 2 |
Spanish decrypts the message code WWII - World Ward 2 |

Didac Sanchez, a Spanish 22, has deciphered a used in a message from the World War II code. This encryption system was found on the leg of a pigeon and has cost 1.5 million euros and three years of work.

After discovering the message content has created asecurity software called 4YEO (For Your Eyes Only), based on the structure of the code, which will go on sale in 2016. Thanks to this, you can encrypt conversations WhatsApp Messenger, SMS, Skype, and calls Telegram.

The Spanish has managed to decipher the encrypted code of the Second World War has posted a message with an identical structure in your web so that anyone who dares, can decipher. Didac offers 25,000 euros to whoever gets a negligible COFRA. Tods those interested have from 1 September to 31 December 2015 to find out what places in the text.

“Until now, the intelligence services had not been able to decipher the message because they lacked the key plabra, the code book and the method used for encryption. I have developed a software which I think is the safest in the world that have adapted security code that should have the new technologies of today, “said Didac.

But what is the history of the encrypted message of the Second World War ? In 1982, a British citizen reformed its housing and in the duct fireplace, found a pigeon wearing a red cap tied to the leg. The text inside had contained 27 digits, each of five letters or numbers, and Sergeant W. Stot signed.

Spanish decrypts the message code WWII - World Ward 2  |

It is believed to belong to the dates of D-Day , when the Normandy landings took place.During the day, Churchill ordered absolute silence on the radio, so many pigeons were used.

Spanish decrypts the message code WWII - World Ward 2  |

For its part, the history of Spanish who has cracked the code of a message WWII starts with humble beginnings.

Spanish decrypts the message code WWII - World Ward 2  |

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