Specialized Expands Its Range Of Electric Turbo Bikes


Just over a year after beginning his career in the field of cycles with pedal assistance and have brought to market the Specialized Turbo S , this prestigious brand decides to launch new versions of this model adapted to circulate them legally.

If the Specialized Turbo S was a great bike, its biggest drawback was that the pedal assist impelled to 45 km / h, so that made ​​it illegal. Now with the addition of two new versions of this model, the Specialized Turbo 25 and 25 X Turbo Specialized legal problem is solved, to be limited to assistance speed at 25 km / h.


These two models of Specialized Turbo 25 carry both the same engine rear wheel 250 W powered by a lithium-ion battery of 468 Wh capacity, built-in chassis while maintaining the ability to be easily removed. Both continue to have regenerative braking, battery charging declining, LED lights, display panel, etc., as well as the Specialized Turbo S.


The external appearance of these two models is similar to the Specialized Turbo S. The difference between Specialized Specialized Turbo and Turbo 25 X 25 X is in the model equipped RockShox a front fork 50 mm travel that perfectly integrates cables, lights and fenders, plus a remote locking system to prevent theft of the bicycle.

Via | Bike Europe

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