Specialized Turbo Levo | Electric bicycles!


In the field of electric bikes, we can find some parallels to the electric car, some of the models of the big manufacturers seem to be born more “by undertaking” to be a real challenge for cycling attended. Fortunately, the situation is gradually changing, and families grow.

2016 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Expert 6Fattie Highlights

Such is the case of Specialized, which knew the Turbo family. This will extend from 2016 under the name Turbo Levo, with a wilder proposal seeking assistance and expel Trail dictionary impassable adjective. It’s another way for assisted cycling, which increasingly has more addicts.


The Specialized Turbo Levo be divided into four models known by the manufacturer: Stumpjumper FSR Stumpjumper HT (in route for both genders) and FatBoy. In any case, appearances are deceiving, and even take these names, their development has been started from scratch, thinking from the start in the merger between mountain and assistance and seeking greater genetic integration.

It has sought to reduce the volume of the battery in the box, and has been ruled out of full carbon, making full use of aluminum. Its engine meets the legal requirements with its 250 W, and comes with three levels of assistance (Eco 40%, 70% and Trail Turbo 100%).


Full customization of assistance

Yes, Specialized launches the level of personalization of care with which a few months ago have risked some small manufacturers, and that the application is Mission Control App is possible to adjust the percentage of power delivered or acceleration Bike and allows linking and program these depending on the terrain we’re going to roll. The advantage of this feature is rather obvious and enjoyable.

As for autonomy, Specialized increases energy capacity of batteries as an option of up to 460 Wh 504 Wh, allowing reach a little further under their new beginnings. For those who plan to treat yourself, the truth is that it does not yet know anything about its price, but its arrival to Europe and the United States, will be in the spring of 2016 .

Specialized Levo Tube Specifications