Specialized Turbo S: The Electric Bike


Often the market for eBike seen in modern designs a way to differentiate, that the move to what they propose as a vehicle of the future between the eyes, but when most companies opt for this route, differentiation disappears. And then comes Specialized Turbo and try to get the audience in his pocket opting for a simple renewal of the classic.

Offering 45 km / h leave the Gaza electric bicycles, but despite legislation is undeniable that smells like that for the two sides. But its benefits seem to go well beyond putting on an electric motor on wheels: regenerative braking, battery charging downhill, lights LED panel information.

Specialized Turbo Specialized-Turbo-Levo--Electric-bicycles---tinoshare.com-4-blogowebgo.com

The autonomy supported by its motor 250 W is maintained between 50 and 120 kilometers , and its batteries can be recharged in about two hours thanks to own charger brand. Just landed in the US for $ 5,900, while Europeans can get hold of one for 5,499 euros . I leave you with the video presentation.

Official Website |  Specialized Turbo