Specifications Skylake-U range of Intel filter - TinoShare.com
Specifications Skylake-U range of Intel filter - TinoShare.com

This is probably the table of models and specifications of Intel more important in the coming months. Here U models, low voltage, which are commonly seen in laptops of all kinds, large capacity tablets (hello Surface Pro 4) are, etc. A very large range that does not bring extensive news about current models Broadwell.

The most important models find this table in the Core i5-6200U , which will be the benchmark in portable processor midrange, or Core i3-6100U , we find in notebooks input range. Two processors have little changes with refreshments Broadwell introduced earlier this year. Consumption is similar, also modes of low power consumption (7.5W) . That if the graphics have changed for the better and the hybrid support DDR3 / DDR4 memory with support also for LPDDR3 memory is also introduced. This will give manufacturers more integration options.

This new range will also find refreshment for entry-processors within families Pentium and Celeron.Processors we see a lot of segments of very low prices between 300-400 Euros.

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