Startup Weekend Youth in search of young talent in Ecuador

Startup Weekend Youth in search of young talent in Ecuador -
Startup Weekend Youth in search of young talent in Ecuador -

Ecuador Youth Startup Weekend calls during a weekend youth, ages 15 and 18, to transform their ideas into profitable technology projects, and who knows if successful startups in a few years.

54 hours and attend school youth between 15 and 18 years . It could be a call for a marathon game or a typical school competition, but no. The aim is to bring together boys and girls interested in programming, design, business, communication and marketing for an entire weekend to turn their ideas into profitable businesses fully.

Startup Weekend Youth held its first edition in Ecuador with the support of Google Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have to train them from an early age in order to face future problems in adulthood; under this pretext the first call is held Youth Startup Weekend in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil between 14 and Aug. 16 .

Obviously, these guys are still at too early an age to undertake and form your business, however, encourage teamwork and “provoke” to participate in challenging activities to put your imagination to the limit and efficacy may be the ideal basis for any of them to become a successful entrepreneur.

Many of them already have great ideas , others have ideas but do not know how valuable they can be, and some simply have the desire and have yet to collect his thoughts to make some sense, but as said Guido Caicedo, a member of Event:

“Many of them do not necessarily have complete clarity of what they want to do or what is required to start. Startup Weekend events are a good way to understand the mechanics of designing value propositions, understand the steps you have to give and forming equipment. “

Ie set the stage for something big, and take the chance find profitable technology-based solutions, adapted to their problems and their community, something that affects to them directly, as well as another says Member of the event, Lourdes Serrano, the goal is “to generate a climate that promotes and motivates the development of entrepreneurship and problem solving in innovative ways. ”

Once the event is over, the groups can continue to develop their ideas and even seek for funding.

Youth Startup Weekend, held with the support ** Google Entrepreneurs , young people will receive at its headquarters in New World Education Unit. And with the success of version in Mexico Youth Startup Weekend and Startup Weekend Woman , also held in Guayaquil and aimed at the promotion of women in the entrepreneurial world of Ecuador.

Initially presented ideas that have, in a kind of brainstorming without rules in which young people can get carried away. Then together they will vote the best proposals , after which teams to develop during the event will be formed, and with the help of a group of mentors. The last day will be presented to the audience and judges with a framework of business viability, of which four will be chosen best worked , and therefore the winners.

And then what happens? Well, these young people must continue their studies and complete their training, which is needed for anything, but to undertake is simply vital. But we have the experience, so that the already formed teams can still seeking help to develop projects that will genuinely yours. According to Guido “can even attend incubators and co-working spaces, try to get seed money or help from cameras or other organizations.”