Steps to change WiFi password on Huawei E5330 – Solution


The Huawei E5330 is a mobile modem that works by means of data plans offered by companies providing Internet services like Orange for example. It is used by connecting the devices wirelessly to this modem by means of a password and user that it brings by default, the user and the key is usually located on the inside of the back cover.

NOTE: For mobile setup, please refer to the text as the pictures are not in English language but just for preview only.

What we will explain in this tutorial is how to change that password and the name of the WiFi to the modem. The first thing you need is to be connected to that computer and then from the browser’s address bar type and press ENTER. If it does not work, you enter with without http://  or try this one, On entering you will see something like the following.

Steps to change WiFi password on Huawei E5330That’s to download an App to manage your device. Clicking the download button will send you to the Google Play Store if you have Android or App Store if you have an Apple device like iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Start configuring/setting the Huawei E5330 modem

When you download that application go back to the page and refresh or enter again and you will be presented with a configuration/setting page of your Huawei E5330 device. Click where it says “Connection Settings“.

Steps to change WiFi password on Huawei E5330
From Smartphone
Steps to change WiFi password on Huawei E5330
From PC/Ipad

When you enter there you will be asked for a username and password. That username and password is not the WiFi, but a separate one to access the modem. For both, username and password type admin

Steps to change WiFi password on Huawei E5330When you do that in the menu on the left side you see where WLAN-> Basic WLAN Settings says and you will see a page like the following one.

Steps to change WiFi password on Huawei E5330

  • SSID is the name of the network. You can delete the one you have and put the one you want.
  • Security mode leave it in WPA / WPA2-PSK.
  • Where it says “WPA initial shared key” is where you must put your WiFi password. It must contain 8 to 63 characters.
  • Where it says “Broadcast SSID” is to decide whether to hide the network or show it.

When you make the desired changes simply click the button below that says “Apply“.