How to study successfully? Keys to do it


How to study successfully? Keys to do it. Studying does not consist of memorizing a lot of pages and forgetting what has been learned in a short time. Studying and taking advantage of it means investing a good part of our time, the reward is not to waste your time in vain. To do it correctly you have to follow a few small steps.

How to study successfully? Keys to do. Many people have problems when facing examinations by the insecurity they have, on the one hand, and for having failed to properly study the other. Carrying a routine, follow a method based on a study pillars and be constant are the key to bringing up anything we set our minds to get through the study. It is very important to be clear about the points to follow and not stop doing them despite the effort involved. Without evidence and without work goals are not achieved.

Do we really know how to study well? Many people call studying to put themselves in front of a book for many hours before an exam and they think that is enough.

Nothing is further from reality. At the time you do not realize that this type of study takes nothing more and nothing less than to pass a timely review at a given time. But that is not studied. The basis of the study is to acquire knowledge to implement in the near future.

The study practices we normally do, based on what has been said earlier in last-minute binges and studies to pass a test do not imply a greater acquisition of knowledge. Not much less. What we have learned in this way will forget soon, in fact, can forget almost as out of the exam.

Be aware that this is not what we want, nor is it what they want in the most demanding work. You have to be aware that what is really worth is the wisdom of the subject and not pass an exam, that too, but not in a timely manner.

What steps do you follow to study successfully?

In this article, we will not tell you anything that you do not know. No new techniques or new ways of doing it have been invented. The foundation remains the same:

The attendance is the first study. The teacher’s explanation of the subject supposes a high degree of learning very important for us.

A daily work.

Bringing things up is very expensive and difficult, but it is the way to learn day by day. Even doing only the duties for which parents can help us depending on the degree of difficulty, we acquire knowledge that is gradually being consolidated.

Once we are going to put to study we must do the following:

  • Read a first time the issue we are going to study us, it goes without saying that we do just after the subject in class, not wait until the last minute a few days before the test.
  • Back to read a second time the topic, trying to understand the general idea of it and to make a mental summary of everything we have read. It will be necessary to search for words whose meaning we do not know.
  • Later we will underline. Underlining is not putting a line underneath all the text, no. Underlining involves delineating the key words of a topic so that simply by reading those words let’s know what they are talking about.
  • What follows is an outline. In it, we will place the important points of the subject, as if it were a small script. No need to fill in anything or put long phrases. Keywords that tell us what point is the one we have to deal with.
  • Finally, we will summarize. Perhaps it is one of the points that we like least to the students since it is more expensive, but it supposes a great benefit for us. In it appear the key points, the main ideas and the foundation of the subject.
  • To finish, you will only have to understand the summary and be able to explain it by yourself without needing to look at the paper.

There we go with this infographic. Additional tips to note.

study infographicAre you able to take this method of study? If you do, you not only will approve, it will draw many better grades and acquire a more solid knowledge.