Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of Google, which now form part of the conglomerate called Alphabet
Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of Google, which now form part of the conglomerate called Alphabet

Larry Page, who until now had been the CEO of Google, earlier today published a letter to shareholders in announcing major changes in the structure of the Internet giant. In fact, Google will be part of a new cluster to which they have named Alphabet to be led by Page (CEO) and Sergey Brin (president), the original co-founders of Internet search engine.

That makes Google the witness take it Sundar Pichai, who has long been taking more and more responsibility in the company of Mountain View. The manager who was responsible for the management of Android and Chrome OS will now be responsible for all services giant, and few things escape his control: only the secret department of the company-Google X- and investment divisions, Google Google Ventures and Capital, will leave their domains.

In the presentation of the new conglomerate Alphabet -a singular domain which have chosen, no doubt Sergey and Larry throw a message recalling that 11 years ago wrote a letter made it clear that “Google is not a conventional company ” . The new group of companies, they explain, try to take on new challenges, and how could it be otherwise, each letter of the alphabet occupy a position in the cluster.The G, of course, it belongs to Google.

Meanwhile, Pichai comes the burden of the future of Google, a giant that faces many challenges before it. One of the clearest, the future of Android, a platform that although its market share remained unresolved some inherent nature as fragmentation and profitability for manufacturers and developers problems. But there is much more of course: YouTube, advertising their maps or the same Chrome OS lately we know very little will also have to evolve.

We’ll see how they do under the mandate of a Pichai that certainly has demonstrated ability and ambition.

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