Symptoms and signs of an infected spider bite

Symptoms and signs of an infected spider bite -

According to the Children ‘s Hospital of Philadelphia, spider bites cause a large area of redness on the with a bite mark in the center. An antibiotic applied to the wound helps prevent infection. If the bite becomes infected, there will be other signs and symptoms. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia recommends saving the spider to identify, if possible.

Increased redness

The area of the bite remains red and may even be extended if the bite infected. The flushed skin may feel warm to the touch or even . Spider bites cause a greater area of redness that other bites insects and this increases the risk of infection, according to


Spider bites usually swell immediately after the bite, but when there is an infection, the area swells and becomes more painful. The first symptoms of spider bites worsen as the infection spreads.Spider bites can be extremely painful, according to



When the wound oozes pus is a sign of infection, as the tries to fight infection. The presence of pus in a spider bite means that it has infected. Keep the area clean and covered. Patients with an infected spider bite that continues to worsen should see a doctor immediately. Fever and red streaks extending from the bite are an indication that the infection is severe and require antibiotics to treat it .

Poisonous spiders

The bite of a poisonous spider should be treated immediately. The symptoms of the bite may begin to appear within a few hours after the bite and include sweating, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, chills, fever, and headache. In these cases, you should contact the poison control center or doctor immediately.