What is the task manager and what is it used for?

task manager

A task manager is a tool that is used to manage and control the execution of processes that run on Windows. That is why many times when talking about computer tutorials in Windows is mentioned very frequently to the task manager.

The task manager utility may vary depending on the version of Windows you are using. It is commonly used to troubleshoot performance issues, force shutdowns of programs, processes, and services, and change the behavior of some Windows processes and functions.

Steps to open Task Manager

To open the task manager, you only need to press the CTRL + ALT + Del (Del) keys at the same time or simply right click on the taskbar and then click where it says “Task Manager” (Windows 8, 8.1, 10) Or “Start Task Manager” (Windows 7).

It can also be opened via Run and the CMD using the command “taskmgr” (without the quotes).

task managerTask Manager Tabs

The image shown in this tutorial is from the Windows Task Manager 10 so it may vary some things if compared to the Task Manager of other operating systems.

  • Processes. There you can see the processes of the main Windows applications with their names. You can select the process of an application that is causing problems and then clicks the button at the bottom that says “End Task.”
  • Performance. There you can monitor the consumption of RAM, processor and network resources.
  • Application history. In that tab, you can see the applications that have recently started.
  • Home. The “Start” tab is to manage programs that start with Windows, there are programs that when installed automatically start with Windows. That’s where you can decide which apps start with Windows or which ones do not.
  • Users. It is to see the users that are operating in the operating system.
  • Details. Serves to more closely manage the processes, services and applications running in second and foreground in Windows.
  • Services. It is used to monitor Windows services.

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