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Better paid technical careers in Germany. Technical careers are those that focus on teaching the flawless execution of a work task, that is, means an activity as an integral process. Right now in Germany, there is the need to find candidates with a technical background; Therefore, in this article, which are known techniques most sought after careers in Germany.

For starters, some data from the labor market. Applicants must have a domain intermediate level of German. Also, they should have among its features being proactive with a focus on innovation and with plenty of creativity. Recent statistics shows that over one hundred thousand highly skilled and skilled workers are needed.

But why Germany needs of these professionals; the reason lies in not having sufficient technical specialists, prevents companies to devote resources to innovation processes to improve its market share. This jeopardizes the GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ), closely related to the country’s wealth and unemployment rate. Some experts believe that the lack of such professionals is a clear example of the limitations of economic growth of a nation.

Now the website has analyzed the evolution of the employment opportunities in the sectors related to the technical races throughout Germany. This study revealed that the supply of jobs for engineers linked to industry innovation and development (R & D) increased by 31%, while for those professionals oriented to the area of Information Technology ( ICT ) had a 25 % to their job offers. He is also known that for other sectors engineers dedicated to an increase of 33% was recorded; on the other hand, the same study noted that there was greater number of unsatisfied labor supply in the following cities: Nuremberg, Leipzig, Dortmund, Bremen, Munich, and Stuttgart.

Considering the above, it can make more detail, to learn what are more technical courses demanded by the German labor market ; Of course, all these races are bordering an annual salary above the average in Germany. Then get to know them:

Demand technical careers in Germany:

Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. The German automotive industry is one of the largest in the world.

Germany has 7 manufacturers of automotive companies: Volkswagen (VW), Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Opel ,  Mercedes-Benz, which together cover 30% of all internal R & D of the German economy . Today, the industry is looking for professionals who can develop technology related to eco-friendly engines, hybrid engines, and electric motors.

Electronics Engineering. The German Electrical ( VDE , for its acronym in German) has statistics showing that in 2011, there would be between 14.000 to 16.000 vacancies offered positions in the labor market for electronic engineers, but only 9,000 graduates of German universities, with a tendency to increase the difference. In Germany, they require electronic engineers specializing in embedded design, power electronic systems, measurement and instrumentation.

Telecommunications Engineering and Information. Demand for these professionals is in the operation of new businesses; the creation of 3,000 new companies are expected. According to theChamber of Industry and Commerce Darmstadt, companies have trouble finding highly qualified specialists.

Finally, German industry specializes in the design, development and construction of advanced technology;therefore, the ability to resist always work under pressure is evaluated, since it requires staff able to work stress can work with efficiency in the execution of work .



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