How to temporarily disable Avira antivirus

How to temporarily disable Avira antivirus

Many times we have the problem that we download files from the Internet or we just have it downloaded and Avira antivirus eliminates them immediately because it detects them as viruses. That’s because the files are analysed in real time, so the antivirus is responsible for checking everything you go on the computer such as the programs that are being downloaded and run.

This can be avoided, however in doing so you could be exposed to possible security problems and unprotected from viruses, malware and spyware. There are two ways to do this which we will explain below. The images are in Spanish language, so we suggest to read well the steps.

Disable Real-Time Protection in Avira

On the taskbar on the right, find the Avira icon. Right-click and then uncheck the option “Enable Real-Time Protection“.


This disables the antivirus and you can open files without Avira preventing you.

In some cases, this may show an error message or you can simply disable it but continue to pass the problem. If that is your case you can disable the protection with the other method explained below.

Second method to disable Real-Time Protection in Avira

Double-click the Avira icon that appears in the taskbar. An Avira Connect window opens. Then click where it says “Open” in the section that says “Free Antivirus“.

How to temporarily disable Avira antivirusWhen you do that you will be presented with the Avira antivirus configuration panel. You only have to disable the option that says “Real-Time Protection” by clicking on it.

How to temporarily disable Avira antivirusIf after that the problem persists try doing the following:

  • Disable the antivirus firewall by turning off the option on the right. (Firewall)
  • Try disabling the Windows firewall. You can do it following the steps of the disable windows 10 tutorial.
  • If you installed the antivirus recently remember that you must restart the computer so that it can work properly.

If you have any questions regarding how to disable Avira antivirus please leave a comment.