How to Test the Laptop Webcam – Solution

Video capture device

In the previous article, we explained How to activate the camera on laptop (explained with pictures) and in this article we explain one of those ways. There are many ways to test the laptop webcam. Many times the camera is tested with Skype, but sometimes it does not work or presents drawbacks. This tutorial is to verify if the webcam works.

I recommend a program called OBS Classic which you can download from this URL (or here)This program is installed and you will see something like the following.

Video capture deviceWhen you have opened in the box called “Scenes” you right-click and then click where it says “Add Scene“. Then in the second box, right click and then click where it says to add and then “Video capture device“.

When you do that, a window will open in which your webcam will already be selected. The same you must have connected at that moment for the OBS program to recognise it and then click on accept.

Then to test your webcam click on the button that says “Start Preview” on the right side and you would be watching what the webcam looks like. You can change its size to the button “Edit Scene” and with the cursor, you modify it.

If you double-click the video capture device you added you can customise the camera settings, such as resolution, FPS, hue, sharpness, among other variables that can be modified.

If the webcam does not appear when trying to test it

It can happen if you connect the webcam the same does not appear in OBS and that may be because Windows does not recognise it. What you can do is go to Control Panel-> Device Manager and see if the webcam appears there.

If the webcam does not appear then check on devices that appear as unknown or appear with a yellow question mark since probably one of those is corresponding to the webcam. Then you have to disable it and enable it.  Another reason that can cause this problem is that some webcams require the installation of drivers, so it is important to verify if it requires the installation of drivers, usually, comes a DVD with the device. You can also search for your drivers knowing the model of your laptop and looking for it on the Internet.