The 10 most innovative companies in the world

The 10 most innovative companies in the world -
The 10 most innovative companies in the world -

According to the Product Development and Management Association, 24.1% of the profits of companies for the launch of new products during the past five years. This figure shows the importance of maintaining an innovative pace to continue to generate revenue.

Yet it is difficult to measure the level of innovation and further their success. No company discovers the “black thread” in each of their products, usually are the result of the evolution of a category or improving a previous article also does not guarantee that the “new” releases succeed in the market, many products fail despite appearing to be very innovative.

Even with these problems in defining what thing is more innovative than another, the company Fast Company gave its annual guide of the most innovative companies in the world, a ranking that evaluates the impact these companies have had in their respective industries and culture General through its various releases.

The TOP 10 list is comprised of:

1. Nike. Highlight your application to measure the performance of brokers. An app that is connected to a bracelet and the same court.

2. Amazon. The system delivery and returns has been one of its main contributions.

3. Square. It allowed connect with cell bank cards.

4. Splunk. A company that allows you to monitor, collect and index large amounts of data in real time to improve decision-making.

5. Fab. The online store that sells designer products for niche markets.

6. Uber. The application that connects users to the drivers of vehicles for rent.

7. Sproxil. The system authenticates whether a product is genuine or not.

8. options. The social network that allows sharing, creating and managing collections of photos about hobbies, interests, events and so on.

9. Safaricom. The operator that allowed low-income Kenyans talk to the doctor through a mobile service.

10. Target. The whole concept of the store chain was honored by Fast Company, from the distribution of property, its location, the choice of its buildings, the type of products they sell, and so on.

Fast Company does not disclose the method used to select these companies. In fact there seems to be several factors that were not equitable assessment, while for Target business model for Coca-Cola (No. 14) was evaluated scored their advertising. Again it is difficult to say who is more innovative and why it shows.