The 10 winners of the National Geographic brings us the best of our planet


As we have already mentioned, the 27th edition of Traveler Photo Contest of National Geographic at ( Spanish) that showed us a fascinating face various corners of our planet, many of them completely unknown to most of us. And precisely because of this type of competition, it’s like we can make a small journey through the hidden wonders of this our immense home.

Finally came the day, a panel of judges chosen by National Geographic selected from more than a million photographs, within the categories of portraits, outdoor scenes, places and spontaneous moments, the three overall winners of the 2015 edition, more seven finalists photographs with honors.

The world seen through different eyes 10

On 30 June, the reception of photographs, where any photographer, professional or amateur, could participate by sending any amount of photos closed. During this month was selected and only the top three will be entitled to a prize , consisting of a photographic expedition in Costa Rica and Panama for first place, an encounter with the wildlife of Yellowstone winter for the second, while the third place will have a six-day cruise visiting the shrine of American Eagle.

The seven finalists photographers will only be mentioned in the competition website and will be in a special section of the winning photographs . And it is with them that we began our tour winners Traveler Photo Contest of National Geographic.

By the way, remember that all pictures can be downloaded and used as wallpapers through the link that is within each description.



  • Highlanders of Bartłomiej Jurecki : In Rzepiska Poland, one of the oldest traditions of the region, haymaking through tools such as the scythe and kept hanging. Tradition that starts disappearing due to modernization of industry and automated processes.


  • Catching a Duck of Sarah Wouters : Captured in Nong Khai, Thailand in it we see a couple of young people are trying to capture a duck at the foot of a waterfall.


  • Kushti, Indian Wrestling of Alain Schroeder : In Kolhapur, Maharashtra in India, Kushti is a traditional form of wrestling, which is carried out in a covered pit mud mixed with salt, lemon and ghee, which is a spice transparent butter. After the match, the fighters perform a ceremony as a sign of respect, which is supported by the walls and cover their heads and bodies with earth in order to absorb sweat and avoid the cold.


  • White Rhinos of Stefane Berube : This photograph taken at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda, was one of the last attempts to capture the mythical white rhino. During the first days, he explains the photographer, had no luck and no shots were lucky, but the last day upon waking, eating three rhinos were perched in front of him.


  • A Night at Deadvlei of Beth McCarley : Deadvlei in Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia, is considered one of those abandoned between sand dunes, including places, Deadvlei means “dead marsh”.Because of the dry conditions, it is estimated that camelthorn trees that remain in place, are more than 900 years.


  • Romania, Land of Fairy Tales of Eduard Gutescu : Romania is considered the land of fairy tales and this photograph Pestera village in Brasov, shows us just that, a snowy landscape impossible, incredible colors and trees dream, where surely those living imaginary characters.


  • Sauna in the Sky by Stefano Zardini : In the Italian Alps, in Monte Lagazuoi, Cortina, we reach the heart of the Dolomites, a tourist site and deeply hidden where we can forget all thanks to a sauna to 2,800 meters bathroom, really incredible experience.

Third Place


  • Camel Ardah of Ahmed Al Toqi : In Badīyah, Ash Sharqiyah Oman, performed one of the most amazing camel racing, where by surprise, the loser is the fastest camel, since the intention is to show the beauty of these animals and in turn, the skills of the rider, because camels are unpredictable and rarely can be controlled in this way.

Second place


  • Gravel Workmen of Azim Faisal : In Chittagong, Bangladesh, there are several factories gravel, used mainly in the construction industry, so it is common to see people and their workplaces are covered with earth.

First place


  • Whale Whisperers of Anwar Patjane : This stunning image in a deep, perfect black and white, comes from one of the many shrines that humpback whale has in Mexico. “Roca Partida” within the Revillagigedo Islands, inexplicably is not considered natural heritage by UNESCO, and this threatens the whales that live in the area due to hunting and poaching persists in the area.

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