15+50 Best Business Ideas at Home | Make Money from Home


Starting a business at home not only allows us to save on the purchase or rental of premises, but also set our own hours, work in a comfortable and close to our family, save money on travel and feed and clothe and save time traveling to our workplace.

If you are considering the idea of starting a home business so you can use all the benefits that entails, but still do not know what business place, then we here are a list that we believe are the 15 best business ideas at home you may consider:

1. Small Business Consulting


Every day hundreds of small businesses are created, most of which has not trained entrepreneurs and experienced enough to cope with all the difficulties of creating and managing one.

So if you master the subject of business, a business idea at home you can consider is a small business – oriented consulting.

You could start by focusing only on a particular area of business (eg. company formation or marketing), and later when you acquire higher education and experience, to cover other areas.

Likewise, you could start your consulting services offering only small businesses, and later as you grow your skills, experience and confidence, offer them to all types of businesses.


2. Dance Academy


Whether due to the global trend of exercise, the proliferation of television programs on dance competitions, or the increase of young people looking for entertainment, more and more people who want to learn to dance and that this they are willing to take dance lessons.

So if you love dancing and you consider yourself an expert at it, another idea that you can consider is a dance academy.

You could start giving your classes in a room you have free, and then as you go capturing more customers, brindarlas in your room or an entire floor of your home, and to hire teachers to help you dance with them.

3. Cast menus at home


Many people because of their jobs, lack of time, or simply do not know how to cook, they often search for restaurants that offer menus/food that go or which bring them the menu to their homes or workplaces.

So if you’re good in the kitchen and your house is not in a central place, or do not have a proper space to build a small restaurant, another idea is a business dedicated to the distribution of menus/food from home.

For the distribution of your menus ideally it counts on a small fleet of delivery drivers, although still do not have enough capital to do so, could start recruiting dealers who have their own vehicles, or even handing out menus with a simple bicycle.


4. Day care for children


In today’s life both parents work outside the home and usually have nowhere to leave the care of their young children.

So if you love children and you meet some requirements that may ask for your location (for example teaching qualifications, certain characteristics of the premises, etc.), other home business is a nursery for children.

For your childcare you could empty a space in your home, to enable games to children can be entertained, and paint the facade with striking motifs for children, as do schools for young children.

Also, to capture your first customers could start offering your childcare to family, friends and neighbors, and then gradually ensure that they will go recommending to other guests.


5. Martial Arts School


Whether due to the popularization of these disciplines, the global trend of healthy living, or the need to learn to defend against the growing crime, more and more people choose to take martial arts classes.

So if you are a practitioner of martial arts such as karate, Taekwondo or MMA, another business you can consider is a martial arts school.

In case you do not feel as prepared as to teach these disciplines, you could start giving your classes only to children while you’re instructing more, and later when you feel more confident, brindarlas people of any age and any level instruction.


6. Personal Coaching


More and more people looking to others to help them with their personal lives, either to help them succeed, to improve their image, or have more confidence in themselves.

So if you have studies on the subject, consider yourself good at helping people to solve their personal problems, or have you just read many self-help books, other business that can take into account is one where you offer services for personal coaching.

You could start offering your services online, and then as you grow your reputation and expertise serve the public directly through an office at home or visiting it to their homes.


7. Blog generating advertising revenue


More and more people surf the Internet, and more and more companies advertise through this medium.

So if you love writing and you are passionate about a particular topic, another business that can ride home without need for greater expertise is a blog where you earn money through advertising to put in it.

For creating your blog you could use any of the free blogging platforms that exist in the network such as Blogger and WordPress; while for the placement of advertising you could use advertising programs such as AdSense.


8. Yoga classes


Another discipline that is increasingly practiced, especially by women and older people seeking a healthy life, is yoga.

So if you are a good practitioner of yoga and you have a space at home and to teach this discipline, another idea that you can consider is a business dedicated to providing yoga classes. Doesn’t really need to be home, but, any garden, free parks is also great idea.

To provide your classes you do not need to be an expert in yoga, just enough to know the subject and have the desire to teach and share what you know, and you focus on people looking for a place to meet with others to practice this discipline.


9. English classes


There will always be people interested in learning and mastering English (or other languages), especially children who seem to be most in demand with the language classes.

So if you master the English, another business idea based at home you can consider is a business dedicated to providing English classes.

You could offer group classes or individuals, and to choose to talk groups, which helps a lot to learn the language, and that does not usually occur in schools or English institutes.

Also, depending on the domain that you have the language, you could choose to focus only on children, or direct your classes to people of any age at any level of education, whether basic, intermediate or advanced. You can schedule these ages by fixed hours like from 9 am to 11 am – kids, from 14 to 16 – midages, from 18 to 21 – others who are working in day time.


10. Repair of appliances (Engineer)


People always need someone to repair their appliances, and when the guarantee given when purchasing these has expired, will seek the closest home workshop.

So if you’re good at repairing appliances such as microwave ovens, blenders, televisions, anything that is related to engineering, you could offer this service.

You could start your almost like a hobby shop offering your services to friends and acquaintances, and then as you go attracting more customers and experience, formalize your business and to hire staff to help with the repairs.


11. Repair of computers (IT)


As in the previous case, people always look for someone near their homes to help them solve any problems they face with their computers.

So if you have experience repairing computers, an alternative to the above idea is a computer repair shop.

You could start this business almost as a hobby offering your services to friends and acquaintances, and then as you go getting more customers, formalizing the business, hire staff and offer additional services such as selling computers and accessories.


12. Pet Daycare


More and more people to leave their homes for a few days and not have anyone to leave the care of their pets choose to hire the services of someone to take care of it.

So if you love pets and have a space at home to accommodate several of these, other home business idea that you can consider is a pet daycare.

You could start only offering childcare, and then as you grow your business, offer additional services such as hairdressing, baths, massages, among others.


13. Wedding Planning


With so many preparations for a very special day as it is a wedding day many people who often hire the help of someone to help them with these.

So if you like organizing weddings and events are good, another idea that you can consider is a business where you can offer a service of wedding planning or helping with weddings.

You could start only offering the service of planning the wedding, and then, as you grow your business offer the same services you plan such as catering, rental of wedding gowns, video recordings, among others.


14. Manufacture and sale of aromatic candles


Scented candles are quite required products, especially for women who like the smell given off and it helps them to relax, and can be easily made at home.

So if you like candles and crafts, another idea is a business dedicated to the manufacture and sale of scented candles.

For the manufacture of candles you could use the various manuals and videos available on the Internet and show you step by step how to develop them; while for sale you could start offering them to intermediaries who are responsible for selling to the final consumer.


15. Dog Walking


Many people aware of the need for and benefits from walking their dogs, but do not have the time or patience to perform this task.

So if you love pets, especially dogs, another business that can ride from home is one where you offer the dog service walks or hikes.

To capture your first customers you could start by contacting your neighbors or passing out flyers around your neighborhood, and then eventually create a website and find customers in other nearby areas of your town.

Likewise, you could start offering the service only dog walking, and then as you grow your business, offer additional services such as training, transportation to the vet, photo sessions, among others.