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The 5 Most Important Steps For Success - Millionaires Advise -
The 5 Most Important Steps For Success - Millionaires Advise -

Many authors who have spoken on a number of steps that the world’s richest men took from the beginning. And virtually all of them agree on the same points. There is also a common message: “There are no shortcuts to success”, but this saying is not entirely true in recent times, where rather trade it in. “As you see a shortcut to success, take” But I will use the word “shortcut”, and rather let’s talk about the success accelerators.
Some famous people such as Napoleon Hill, author of ” Think and Grow rich “somehow relied on a psychological or spiritual part, which often used the words” desire “and” faith “. And perhaps they are words that I do not buy.

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It is true that we desire something strongly, and it is true that we must have faith that we will succeed, but truer still that desire and faith also can be lazy, and even silly motivated. That is what, I can wish with all my might be the next entrepreneur of the century, and in fact, I can have faith and total conviction that I will do, and I will not let anyone tell me that I will not get. But if everything is in faith and desire, and still lying on the couch drinking beer, playing and watching TV console, desire and faith are seasonings that are completely canceled. Therefore, these are the most important steps to success, and that without them, the only desire would be in a dream that 20 years later would not be met.

1. Decision and abandonment of procrastination.

Procrastination is the great evil of success. Want to do something and put it off until we come right, usually the ingredient found in most stories … not failures, because they not tried anything but say yes to a lack of goals, and therefore, the lack of success. Successful people have in common that they are determined people, and often take decisions very quickly. But beware, there are crazy people who do what they come to mind without thinking, but do not expect to be 100% secure. They know they can fail, but they also know they can succeed.


2. Acquire knowledge and expertise.

Knowledge and preparation are everything, but as you can see, I’ve put it in a second place, being determined to be the most important because no matter how much you study and get ready, finally, the knowledge you need to learn in the way.
I used to pray a saying that said “experience is that you acquire just after it needed.
However, if you want to write a book, first you’ll have to read books. There is no shortcut here.  Also, if you want to get started in the business world, you have to know about the product or service you want to sell, and yes, something about business.
With regard to specialization, the truth is that an entrepreneur is ultimately a means knowledgeable about many subjects, but its success will get as a result of the specialization into something concrete.
There are said to be the best in an industry to succeed in your business ahead of the competition. And that’s not entirely true, because sometimes, bad product with good marketing goes much better for the user. That is, there are experts in industries that have the best product, but the prospects do not know.
Never stop learning new skills that have to do with your business or profession. Never run outdated.
Remember that all highly successful people have in common that they are voracious readers.

3. Planning.

People have to be prepared but as often we say, not having a plan, equals planning to fail.
Many entrepreneurs start, but few end (short end well). So we have a plan, having studied the reasons why we might fail in our business, and act upon it.
When it is not business, but financial goals, the plan is just as necessary as we get savings targets, investment and above all, goals to increase our capital.
Therefore, plans, because “for a captain who knows where it goes, no wind will be favorable” (that phrase does not know who he is).

4. Surround yourself with the best.

Given that we are the average of the people with whom we spend more time, this is also the case in the field of business. If you create a company and hire mediocre people, you’ll end up with a mediocre company.
The world’s richest men, who are entrepreneurs, agree on the importance of working only with the best.Steve Jobs used to say that a company playing in the first division could not afford to let players from second division.
100 brains can have more ideas than one, but only three intelligent and creative brains can shoot down 100 mediocre brains. Looking for that kind of people. Always looking for people they can learn. Never be the smartest of a room.

As Steve Siebold says, if we are exposed to people who are more successful than ourselves, the chances of success have increased decisively.

5. Persistence.

You have to be persistent no matter what. If you fall, get up. If you turn to fall, you turn to lift; as many times as necessary, because there is a person fails to stop trying to succeed.
Most businessmen have some failures behind them, and they do not measure success by the number of failures, but by how you behave once a failure occurs.
Most people, once an initiative fail, “entering the loop” in a self-destructive circle, and devote more time to grieve than to get up and start again. When failure comes into your life, you only have two alternatives: either you stay stagnant or back to try.
It is said that both in life and in business, things always, without exception, go wrong at any given time.And we must be prepared for it, because adversity sometimes is not responsible for lie, but the charge of making you more intelligent and creative.

But of course, often it makes a good screening among those who are made of sterner stuff of success, and those without the paste; Unlike those who surrender to those who never give up. And finally, persistence and tenacity become one of the most important ingredients for success. But above all … enjoy. Most highly successful people agree that happiness is not the goal, but throughout the trip.