The 59 Best Pages To Learn Something New


Today any experience, knowledge or advice that we need to perform a task or learning to expand our knowledge we can find it by typing a few simple words in a search engine. All the knowledge we want is on the Internet , and more and more pages are born ofrecérnoslo intended to simply and directly.

The last weekend I came across in Medium with an interesting list of more than thirty pages to learn new things. I liked the idea and immediately thought that the concept could be useful to our readers, so I decided not to replicate the list, but make the best of it and supplement it with many other web, so that today we can offer the top 55 pages to learn something new . Feel free to suggest more to the list increases.

Online courses in Castilian

  • edX : One of the leading online sites in terms of training is concerned. Here we can take online courses in some of the best universities.
  • Coursera : This is one of the most important pages of free online courses in the world.
  • Udemy : This is one of the largest in the world MOOC. In it we find all sorts of courses designed for real working life, and both English and Castilian.
  • UPV X : The Polytechnic University of Valencia has not wanted to be left behind with new technologies, and has also created its own catalog of online courses.
  • Myriad X : Another powerful portal online courses in Spanish, which focuses on offering courses of several dozen renowned universities, most of them Spanish but also with some international.
  • Activate Google : Google could not be less and also has a small platforms online courses among which are the programming and data analytics.
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy : Microsoft has its own virtual academy full of online courses, in which he pays special attention to development-related.
  • Seekers courses : But if you do not fancy going one by one in all courses, last April we list you a few search engines that will facilitate the task of finding ways to online form yourselves.

English courses online

  • Learn Future : Another powerful website with all courses is about to reach the magic figure of two million subscribers.
  • CreatiLive : Are you a creative person and you want to improve your skills? Here you will find specialized courses for photography, art, music and much more. Yes, the page is in English.
  • : Lynda Weinman has achieved success as an entrepreneur with its platform of online courses. As if this were not enough, the platform has been recently acquired by LinkedIn, another sign of its enormous quality. Of course, all content is in English.
  • Skillshare : Another online platform on which to form with courses that will help us improve all abilities.
  • Curious : If you are someone who instead of taking notes rather be attentive to the explanations of the teachers, this site will help you learn through online video.
  • Coursmos : A specialized microcursos, to enable them to learn page whenever you want and from any device.
  • Highbrow : Another specialized in microcursos page, where we will receive upon checking our email every day short courses just five minutes.


  • Code Academy : is possibly one of the pages to learn how to program largest in the world.Program will start from minute one, even to tell the web our name, and its content is available in Spanish.
  • : Another full page in which to learn programming free and in Castilian. It has a variety of themes and a good collection of videos.
  • : A complete Spanish community with several tutorials to learn programming, and a forum divided in languages with which you will receive help from the rest of the community.
  • I can schedule : A page that provides us with two basic courses which will help smaller start in the world of programming.
  • : An online platform to learn to program on the basis of simple tutorials. It has a section in Castilian, but unfortunately without much content.
  • : Another site that promises to teach us to learn from scratch, but unfortunately it is only available in English and Portuguese.
  • Programmr : One of the most complete pages that can access, and which will access a vast catalog with which we learn to program in a lot of languages.
  • Udacity : Another powerful page to learn programming supported by giants like Google and Microsoft, which are some of the many companies that recognize the value of their Nano-graduate training. Unfortunately no content in our language.
  • Learnable : Another powerful page to learn how to program, and one that also supports the Spanish.
  • Code School : The best way to learn programming is to practice, and that is the maximum of this online platform.
  • Platzi : Like you acudieras class, this page can receive training in streaming on design, marketing and programming.
  • Dash : A page directed especially to teach us everything we need to know to learn to make colorful web pages.
  • One Month : A page that will teach us how to program web applications in a month.
  • BaseRails : Learn Ruby on Rails web several languages and more through all kinds of projects designed for the real world.
  • Treehouse : A page that will teach us to develop projects while learning programming through exercises, and you will learn how to build applications from mobile to web pages.
  • KeepCoding : This payment platform created with the aim of being a “boutique training” online, focused on developing mobile to form Full Stack Developers.


  • Metriplica : A full web with which in Castilian learn all the secrets of web analytics.
  • Analytics Academy : It is in English, but Google makes available a portal with numerous learning courses for the analytical and the use of Google Analytics
  • : The Science of data at your fingertips. A collaborative eLearning platform on all matters relating to science data in Spanish.
  • DataCamp : A page in which R learn through online tutorials and information science courses
  • DataQuest : A full page in which data comfortably science learn from your browser.
  • Datamonkey : Page to learn SQL and data analysis interactively, with concrete examples and total immersion in the workplace.


  • Duolingo : Page intended to free language learning, far from being limited to that, it also functions as a platform crowdsourcing translations of texts. As we learn a language we helping to translate pages. Present in all mobile platforms with applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Memrise : A page that seeks to teach a language using memory techniques using visual, auditory or any other elements for several short sessions.
  • Busuu : This is a social network aimed at learning to speak, read and write in 12 languages. This platform motivates students through badges, and allows them to practice what they learned with social interactions.
  • engVid : An online and free platform on which we can learn English with more than 900 video lessons.
  • Lingualia : Another platform focused on teaching languages to the concepts of social networks, allowing us to talk to natives so that they teach us to understand and better understand their language.
  • Babbel : Another powerful and familiar option that will allow us to learn 12 languages enabling us to test your system free through courses for beginners, but after we asked to pay for our education.

Improve other skills

  • Carlos III University of Madrid : This university has joined the OpenCourseWare movement to release all kinds of teaching material and make it available to everyone for free. They are not training and do not offer any certificate, but we can find multiple subjects related materials.
  • University of Valencia : They also have a program related to the OpenCourseWare, and put at our disposal different types of teaching materials.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare : that of Massachusetts was one of the universities that began with the OpenCourseWare movement, so even offers its material in English can not stay out of our list.
  • Sharing Academy : The platform among college tuition in any university can enroll and teach or learn any subject that dominates or costing.
  • Coneecta : This is a page where you can contact by videoconference with experts in the various areas for which we need help. This is not a free service, since users have to pay professionals to exchange for their services and teachings.
  • Task Plus : Another interesting site courses focused on providing a much closer through video format.
  • Khan Academy : This is an educational non-profit organization that makes available all kinds of courses with various themes.
  • TED-Ed : A very popular and recognized online platform on which we can learn different things using online videos in English.
  • Peer 2 Peer University : The concept of P2P led to learning. A page in which to share our knowledge and learn from those of others through like the system of online courses.
  • Chess Academy : An authentic online academy, in English, but in which we can learn to play chess for free via videos, troubleshooting and online games.
  • Squareknot : A curious page that offers us learn all kinds of things through educational and visual step by step guides.
  • Pianu : Would you like to learn to play the piano? This page helps you in the style of guitar hero songs suggesting you have to be replicated from your keyboard.
  • Yousician : Another page in English if we know we can learn to play guitar.
  • Freekampus : It’s free but also 100% legal by Creative Commons licenses. On this platform anyone can share their knowledge to create their own courses and learn from others.
  • Learnist : Another powerful page in English in which we can take courses to learn all kinds of materials.
  • Open Education Consortium : In this list we mentioned several universities committed to the OpenCourseWare initiative, and this is the consortium that brings together all. It includes a search engine didactic materials in several languages. It also has a section in English lessons unlock with a donation of $ 10.

Let us know if you have any additional site that needs to be mentioned in this list


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