The 6 Best Android Music Applications | Apps

The 6 Best Android Music Applications | Apps - -
The 6 Best Android Music Applications | Apps - -

They say that music has enormous power over us . In fact there are several mobile applications that have music on your mobile. In fact, music can bring back memories from the depths of our mind and can bring out in us all sorts of feelings. It is undeniable that the music and melodies are part of our life and our day to day, so we wanted to dedicate an article to the music.Or almost, as we will discuss the best mobile applications for Android .

As you can see we love making lists on our blog.  We already have the best mobile apps to turn your Smartphone into a mobile office. And it appears that you, the readers.

So we decided to repeat making this list of the top 6 music apps for Android and you should have in your device and start every day. And by the way … Also we set about dancing! Put these musical mobile applications, although they are not just players, running let the music flood you:


Pandora mobile applications1. PANDORA

This is the first mobile applications that will include. And it is also the most traditional in the sense of music app for Android. It is a traditional music radio though it is among the best mobile applications in this category. With Pandora you can not only hear stations by artists or styles of music but you can discover new music that fits your musical tastes.

It has some similarity with the giant Spotify . And just as the Spotify app, its only drawback is that the music is interrupted by commercials. It is a more mobile applications for app monetization including Ads used inside even if it is free to download.

Available for Android and iOS



soundcloud mobile applications2. SOUNDCLOUD

This is a classic mobile music applications for Android and iOS. It is the mobile version of the service Soundcloud born online. In it you can access all of kinds of music, remixes, meets artists and songs. It is defined as a distribution platform online audio where users can collaborate, promote and distribute their music projects.

Many of us use this platform as web header to find new sounds, and the music app for Android now, can also access content from our Smartphone apps . The only downside is that you need 4G or Wi-Fi to play the songs, because you need a high-speed download.


Available for Android


karaoke mobile applications3. SING! KARAOKE

For music lovers but also karaoke and belt out the best songs, or the hits of the moment are included in our list of musical mobile applications for the Android app Sing! Karaoke.

And what good it is that if you’re a lousy singer, the app lets you improve voice or apply effects the most fun. You can sing a duet or group and also you can share your songs with the rest of the Sing community. It is a karaoke on your phone and find a community where karaoke fans. And remember to share on social networks! Although currently has a limited catalog of songs, songs are added daily.

Available for Android


singstar mobile applications4. MIC SINGSTAR

It is one of the most widespread musical mobile applications, but if it’s a great app. For fans of music and karaoke SingStar PlayStation this is the perfect app. No longer do you need microphones to sing and enjoy a good session in the SingStar karaoke.

We’ve included in this list because it is a good app, but has been released not long ago and deserves to be better known and used. In addition you can also create your own playlists. Works with PS3 and PS4, download is completely free and is also available for your mobile devices.

Available for Android and iOS


musicness mobile applications5. MUSICNESS APP

Far from being a traditional musical application we can say that  Musicness is a mobile music game. Of all the musical mobile applications we wanted to include in this list we decided to choose this because, besides being an app locally produced in the city of Valencia, is a most curious app.

Its operation is based on being a trivial musical groups and musical artists that you choose. The slogan calling you to be the best fan of your favorite singer. Besides being a source of curiosities also challenges you to beat your friends. Of all the mobile applications we’ve included in this list, this is my favorite. It is a good example of how gamification can generate engagement in mobile applications . Especially the part where you can move up in the ranking of best fans.

Available for Android and iOS


And last, but not on this list but mobile music applications for Android, it’s the turn of Drum Pads . It’s a funny app that based on a cube with buttons, each emitting a different note in style Dubstep, you create music. With this app you can create melodies from various art bases. It is also a fun and entertaining app but you are missing the opportunity to record the songs you create.

Dubstep drum pads mobile applications

Available for Android