The 7 Biggest Excuses That Keep You Away From Achieving Success


I have published in the past here in many articles on the habits of the super successful people, and what elements are shared for success. But I think perhaps the most important of these individuals is their ability to overcome their excuses.

Many people in life is “hanging” of excuses.

They feel they can not go out and find a better job, starting own business, or take any risks … for any pretext.

Excuses are like noses: everyone has one.

But when you train yourself to see these flimsy thoughts for what they are (just an excuse not to do something), and you get to stop treating them like a brick in the wall of your way, then you manage to keep going on your way to your own success.

Here I show only a few of those excuses (which I hear more often) individuals who have told me all kinds: from entrepreneurs who pursue their own dream, executives who speak to me about the direction of their companies.

Surely, these are the same excuses that you use every day to not succeed with what you want.

1. I have no money…

Empty-Wallet-Medium The 7 Biggest Excuses That Keep You Away From Achieving Success -

I have heard this excuse at all levels, from the guy who has a great idea to start own business, even in large companies that I have served as a consultant.

The point is you put this excuse having only a dollar, or having a million dollars.

However it is people who overcome this excuse that really succeeds. They find a way to get it.

Empty-Wallet-Medium The 7 Biggest Excuses That Keep You Away From Achieving Success - tinoshare.comThey redeem or exchange their skills for the services. They get a second job and save money. They cut their wasteful spending.

They find an investor, asking for a loan for their business, or apply for a financial grant.

Successful people do not let the lack of any resources (money is just that, a resource) to keep them stuck in their path to success.


2. I don’t have time…

Remember, the most successful people in the world are – Oprah, Bill Gates and others listed in Forbes – have the same 24 hours in their days just like you.

Look closely at how you spend your time, and see what your true priorities are throughout the day. There are very few commitments in life that really are not negotiable.

The 7 Biggest Excuses That Keep You Away From Achieving Success - tinoshare.comIf you allow yourself to fall into the trap of the idea that you do not have time to do what you want, just show that you do not really want with all your might to get what you want. Got the hint?

Tell me what is more important: pursue your dream, or watch that show on TV at night every day for two hours? to sleep all morning of Saturday, or use the time to organize your new business? There you go, managing time is very important for those who get up and want to do something.


3. I’ve never done this before…

There are many things that you have won and you’ve never done testing them before.

You’ve never gone before you take your first steps, you have never driven a car before your first time behind the wheel, and you’ve never had a job before getting your first job.

The 7 Biggest Excuses That Keep You Away From Achieving Success - tinoshare.comAny journey begins with first step, but you have to give it to begin that path.


4. I don’t know how to do it / I have no skills

I have one word for you: Google. You want two words?: Google, Bing. Tree words? ok: Google, Bing, Youtube.

In this search engine you can find instructions, step by step tutorials and even books and courses on how to do almost anything on the Internet – and some are free.

The 7 Biggest Excuses That Keep You Away From Achieving Success - here you have 250 articles with too much information – and every day, we continue to publish more informative posts -.

If you still can not find what you need, buy a book. Still you are having problems? Hire a coach or mentor.

You can get an education level just reading the books in the public library in your neighborhood or city.

So eliminate the idea that a university degree is what stands between you and what you want, because that’s not true.


5. My situation is not good / The conditions are not right

Wait until your situation becomes practically perfect. This is the worst excuse of all time, because your situation will never be perfect if you continue to be lazy and keep saying this excuse.

No one will approach you with a stopwatch in hand and say ” if you start NOW … you will succeed! “.

The 7 Biggest Excuses That Keep You Away From Achieving Success - tinoshare.comThere are many things, products and businesses, which were released at the “wrong” time or before the world was ready.

Some failed and others succeeded beyond the dreams of those who thought.

Waiting for “perfect conditions” is like the fisherman sitting on a shore, waiting to catch a fish, but without putting the bait on fishing pole – that is, no sense either -.


6. He can not / He should not / I am not good enough to do this

You really going to stop doing something in your life because someone says you can not, should not, or you’re not good at it?

Look, nothing wonderful, innovative, and revolutionary has ever arisen because everyone agreed.

In fact, most inventions and most revolutionary ideas of the world received much criticism, hostility and skepticism when they were released to the world.

i_can__t_do_this_anymore_by_deangirlThe 7 Biggest Excuses That Keep You Away From Achieving Success -“Television is just a fad.” “The Internet will never succeed between society” . “Who wants to spend all day on Facebook?”. These are just some critics that received the greatest inventions in the world at the time of his pitches.

The truth is that people will disagree with you. They will not believe in you. They did not see the same vision that you have and seen.

That does not matter. Only one person needs to believe in what you’re doing when you start your project, and that person IS YOU.


7. I have nothing new

Some of the most successful businesses that exist today did not invent something new.

MySpace was invented before Facebook. VHS tapes were the predecessors of the DVDs, and DVDs have taken the step to Blu-Ray.

What I say is that you have to do something completely new to success.

It takes something that already exists and improve it, change it, add something new, add a new function, and give your own touch.

There are millions of books, but everyone is different. There are hundreds of stand up comedians, but each has own show.

There are hundreds of websites on the Internet, but each is dedicated to a different theme.

And this is not how you can be or do something completely new, but how you can do or be different.

These are just a few excuses I’ve heard, but they certainly are not alone.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what do you think of this article.