The Art of Branding Your Business By Creating A Metric | Business and Branding

The Art of Branding Your Business By Creating A Metric | Business and Branding -
The Art of Branding Your Business By Creating A Metric | Business and Branding -

Metrics are an elegant way to combine branding, using the prestige of the product and for the consumer. We can learn from the success stories.

The metrics are part of our life. They can be used to identify such as German passport which contains the height. The metric today can be seen as a much broader concept that does not only regard the subway. In business we understand under it anything that is measurable and goes far beyond its historical roots.

Metrics in the business world

The gamification uses basic metrics where the number of shares as eg accumulates over time in a web, the answers in a forum, exercises in a course, etc. In the world of social media followers are a metric that when higher prestige supposedly brings it gives the owner of the account. Everyone says that size does not matter but it is ultimately lie …

What many looking through metrics is a social event ( social proof ) to avoid having to rely solely on their own judgment. That way we can blame the other in case we have chosen the wrong store to buy clothes, change wheels or any other offer that requires some confidence by consumers.

Especially in the world of SEO metrics they are very popular to describe the “authority” of a domain.We oversimplify can understand the authority of a website and the degree of confidence that Google will have to that site to recommending another through a link. They have emerged as Page Rank metric  DA / PA, Ahrefs, CF, TF, etc. to quantify something that supposedly known only to Google.

Alexa ranking works inversely to the rest of the metrics and this is another example of the world of online marketing where I feel most comfortable. When this figure is lower, the better. Describe the position of a site in a traffic ranking of global and national level. Although not accurate and can falsify it is very popular because it places a site on a map and makes it comparable with others.

Case studies of metrics that increase the prestige of users and business

One thing is clear. Human beings love to compare ourselves with others, even if only to complain. Companies should take advantage of this human weakness to strengthen their branding and brand image.

There are some examples where through a measuring both consumer image is reinforced as in:

  • The TOEFL exam and points obtained in the same are a metric to quantify the dominance of English as a foreign language. For the company that applies is a sign of quality that applies a recognized standard.
  • Michelin stars mean a great reputation for a chef. For the person who comes to the establishment is a quality seal that also provides personal prestige to say you’ve eaten from someone who has been honored in this way.
  • Miles Miles and More is a customer loyalty program of Lufthansa. Over time they have become a game where egos to see who has accumulated more miles on their flights are compared. In the English-speaking world they have formed communities, forums and blogs about this subject.

We can agree or not about what is and what is not metric. The truth is that all these examples show that the combination of our product metrics provide prestige is also perfect for positioning and enhance the brand image cocktail.

Originally this post was called at first “how” but I preferred to take a step back because it is difficult to present some guidance to replicate the results of success stories.