The “autopilot” Tesla is in beta test

The "autopilot" Tesla is in beta test -

It is in beta testing and is tested in secret, since the very Tesla is very clear that tester to talk about their progress, leaving the tester program. The next step towards the autonomous car passes driving assistance, something we are already seeing work on real cars, and Tesla would not be less.

Now with what they play is the so-called “Autopilot”, version 7.0 . This is one software update that introduces the automatic steering assistance in multi-lane roads, in addition to the automatic parallel parking.

Twelve sensors and a camera can be validated when is the best time to make the maneuver

These are features that have been sent to a limited number of drivers group Tesla Model S. It is clear that none of the developments in the car operated autonomously, but assist in driving, helping to everything runs more safely.

That said, none of the options sound like new, we have seen in other vehicles, but would have to know the level of evolution that has gotten him the matter Tesla to assess how their systems are innovative, and understand why they get along so on secret. There must be something else we do not know.

The "autopilot" Tesla is in beta test -

For now we know that the Autopilot software can keep the car within a lane and slow down or speed to maintain distance to the car in front of him. All this is included in a so called Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC), which was put in evidence for the first time in January.

Another point that Tesla is clear for now is that the car will not do anything alone. Although the car decides you need to change lanes, you must give the flash to take responsibility if there is an error in the maneuver. We need a manual response driver, always.

The "autopilot" Tesla is in beta test -