The Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | Rendered Images

The Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Rendered Images -

Successive leaks disseminated on the Internet on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have not only allowed us to list a number of possible technical characteristics . They have also given us the ability to draw a sketch which capture an approximation of how housing will phablet. No doubt that in the new Note will be appreciated the influence of the Samsung Galaxy S6 , who stressed at the time by breaking with the design line imposed in generations smartphone. Based on these premises, the following rendered images offer us a preview of how it might look imminent appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Line design of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will play a very important role, even more than the hardware section. And it is that users look very closely every detail of the housing phablet since this is one of the most criticized parts of the latest generation of smartphones of the brand, which has been accused several times of lacking innovation and imagination, falling in continuity. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was one of the first responses of the company, the South Korean revolution henceforth apply in successive generations of Galaxy devices. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 seems another of those involved in this new stage and so affect designers with models such as the following.

Design details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

While yesterday about schemes in which we showed a coban Note 5 dimension , including the thickness of 7.9 mm, and a few days ago appeared on the Internet a video in which a 3D model created with CAD showed it was shown from all angles, today we approach a series of images where you can see a more elaborate conceptual image phablet, closer to reality. As on previous occasions, the author of these recreations based the design team around the information disseminated from the latest leaks. The result is reflected in the following gallery. To emphasize, the slim profile of the housing, finished aluminum . Another detail of interest is the curved shape of the sides of the casing itself , this time in back of it. All Verge a unibody , like the Galaxy S6, so hopefully no access to the battery -not reem placable- . Also, to generate a perspective on its size , has introduced the model of the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, images from which you can see the difference in size, as well as key aesthetic features of the three models.


To summarize, it should be noted that the information available to date speaks of the Samsung Galaxy Note will have five 5.7-inch QHD screen, Samsung Exynos 7422 eight-core processor and 64-bit, 4 GB of RAM and battery DDR4 4,100 mAh. All this and more we shall know in detail on 12 August, supposedly date set for the official presentation of the model.