The electronic skin. Decades ago, the idea of an implant in the skin through which you could send and receive that data if it were a computer, was something conceivable only in the movies or novels of fiction, however, modern science has come to overcome these expectations and in no time we see these technological advances in real life.

This is the case of BioSTAMP, a prototype patch that has been designed by the scientist at the University of Illinois, John Rogers. This prototype is the use of a patch of thin gold which is barely noticeable on the skin and which contain small electrodes.

The electronic skin is the future of technology for humanity -

After much research and design, they have managed to create tiny sensors which can be attached to the skin and can detect brain waves that are transmitted to computers for information.

The greatest advance in this process has been the ability to reduce the size of the sensors, formerly a larger and needed the individual used a whole town to obtain messages through brain waves. This reduction in size, provides the BioSTAMP greater number of possible uses in the medical field.

Smaller electrodes allow remote functionality to be lighter way, so do not be required that the person is evaluated in the laboratory for brain wave information. This could be very useful in patients with epilepsy, who could detect attacks before they happen, just measure brain activity; Likewise patients with sleep disorders could be evaluated in a more convenient use of the BioSTAMP.

The first prototypes of BioSTAMP already been used in some scientific fields by companies such as L’Oreal and Reebok, who have been able to get through them, important for the development of new product information.

reebook-biostamp The electronic skin is the future of technology for humanity -

Since the BioSTAMP was launched, the famous laboratory Roberts has contributed to the creation of more than 90 companies engaged in the creation of these devices, but the most accepted was MC10 which has raised more than $ 61 million in
sponsorship its funding privately.

biostamp-components The electronic skin is the future of technology for humanity - tinoshare.comResearch continues and BioSTAMP still in its testing phase, however, if advances are favorable in the investigations, the patch could be used to diagnose various medical conditions. Even they have begun to design prototypes be inserted into the body to detect some diseases.


biostamp The electronic skin is the future of technology for humanity - tinoshare.comThere is still a significant gap to go in this scientific field, but the future promises great advances in technology in the service of the health and welfare of people.