The explosion of Tianjin, told through images and videos taken by neighbors

The explosion of Tianjin, told through images and videos taken by neighbors -
The explosion of Tianjin, told through images and videos taken by neighbors -

Tianjin , a giant port city in northern China, has lived today a huge explosion. The official cause is still unknown, although the BBC points here to a fuel storage station. That would explain the huge fireball resulting pop. YouTube has filled the second of images recorded by neighbors: the blast has reached buildings away from the scene. At the moment, the Chinese authorities do not count victims, but wounded.

Videos of the explosion: from far and near

As seen in some images, the explosion, including fireballs, has wiped out any urban structure that was near its scope.


A huge column and a large wave

The photographs show the towering column of smoke and fire arising from the incident. Apparently, the resulting wave might have felt in ten kilometers around.

At least 44 killed in two explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin

At least 44 people have died -among them a dozen firefighters and at least 520 injured grave dead– –60 of them in two large explosions that have rocked the port area of the city of Tianjin , the no rest of China , according to latest figures provided by the Government.

” The explosions occurred on Wednesday night in an industrial area where gas and chemicals are stored. The blast collapsed buildings was such that he calcined vehicles and left a scene of devastation around the accident. Flames and smoke could be seen from space satellite.

A Chinese television network has indicated that the explosion occurred on a cargo of explosives stored in a container.Emergency crews are still working in the area. The industrial city of Tianjin has 7.5 million inhabitants.”


Two explosions, the second strongest

Actually it is not a single explosion, but two. The second is stronger than the first. As reported in BuzzFeed , seismology department of the government official explained that the second has released a force equivalent to 21 tons of TNT.


This video is clearly seen that there are two explosions. The waves arrive later. The sound is strong and housing is far away.

What and where is Tianjin?

Tianjin is one of the many Chinese megacities that go unnoticed in the Western world. It is the main port in the north and one of the five most important in China. It has over 15 million inhabitants and in 2010, with the highest income per nationwide capita. It’s the tenth industrial port in the world.

It is very close to Beijing, the capital.