The First Business Ideas of Warren Buffett A Teenager Who Made $53,000 At The of Age 16


The first unwritten principle of legendary investor Warren Buffett, begins even before he started investing because to make money in stock from market investment, first, you need money. And if you want to make money, you need a lot of money. That’s why before you become an investor, you must become a person who generates large sums of money.

Buffett was always hungry for success and wealth, and as we said before, Warren Buffett probably better businessman investor. The investment has served only to multiply their money consistently, using the compound throughout his career as entrepreneur and investor interest.

In the book The Snowball that part of his life, where a teenager, even at one point came to be lost is collected through a criminal stage , it came to accumulate $ 53,000 at the age of 16 years. He almost did not go to college because he felt that his talent for business was more than enough.  But his father finally convinced him, and as a result, was able to meet Benjamin Graham and learn everything about smart investing. It all starts with 6 years.

0553384619 The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
Alice Schroeder


The first way that Buffett had to earn a few cents, was buying packages of gum at the grocery store of his grandfather, and then sold them door to door to all his neighbors. While that was not going to get rich at 6 years at least he understood that part of the secret of business is to buy wholesale and sell retail with higher profit margin. According to Alice Schroeder’s biography from smallish already he had that knack for money management and persuasion of people. The distribution of value-added papers. Later, the young Buffett begin to make money from one of the most classic forms in the United States; delivering newspapers at home.


Specifically distributed The Washington Post, and spent a couple of hours a day. Buffett took advantage of the deal to also sell calendars and other things to their clients sharing, so just making up $ 175 a month (at the time), which means earning more money than some adults. It was devoted to the seals. Buffett saw a good deal on stamps. If a person needed a luxury label, you could count on the young Buffett, who sold stamps collection for collectors around the country. He earned money by selling used golf balls.


If you were a lover of golf in 1940 and wanted to get golf balls, Warren Buffett will sell a dozen for $ 6.In the beginning, Buffett, with a friend, were engaged in the search for missing in golf balls, but later, as this business continued to grow, Buffett began working with a supplier of Chicago.

Polish cars

At this stage, since Buffett made his first business partnership with a friend, creating Showroom Shine Buffett, a business polishing cars. A business that soon close, as the duo of businessmen discovered that required a lot of manual work to earn money. Buffett learned a lesson: “if to make money in your business, you work it with intensity, that is not a business but a job”.

The business of pinball machines

This business idea itself that provided easy money. He bought an old pinball machine for $25 and convinced a barber to install. In this way, customers could play while waiting for their turn.
Gains earned him the first machine were harnessed to invest in a second machine, and so on. The business was very profitable, so it soon had pinball machines in barber shops around Washington.
A passage where at age 13, he and his friends would sneak into the race tracks of hair, picking tickets also appears drawn. And the young Buffett knew that many people did not understand this game, except seeing it in the movies, and some people forgot that was secondary prizes on those tickets pulling.
That Buffett had fun picking lying crouched tickets, and that statistics were almost always drawn to award tickets he says.
Soon, Buffett used his talent in mathematics and statistics to gather information on the winning horses and started making his own road winning horses recommendations, which sold for $0.25. And some people bought it because Buffett used to hit.
The money is everywhere. Only you must learn to see it and find ways to make it yours. Probably many of these business ideas are not valid for today, although the business has not changed; It is to use your ability to sell something to someone who needs that you sell.
Probably today we live in a technological age, and that should not hinder the process. On the contrary, today you can make money on the network in a much easier way, it is easier than ever to reach more people, not just potential customers in your area.