The ‘freelance’ to ‘Digital Expert ‘ in Collaborative Economics

The 'freelance' to 'Digital Expert ' in Collaborative Economics -
The 'freelance' to 'Digital Expert ' in Collaborative Economics -

This is a big step for the independent workforce, which has now grown from a freelance digital expert in the era of collaborative economy.

We are facing a wave of projects led by young people under 30 around the world, who have given us example on generating business models based on ICT and support collaborative platforms to boost economic growth.

Such is the case with Airbnb or Couchsurfing, which allow hosting tourists get home hosts more comfortable than a traditional hotel prices. In this new economy also part companies providing car sharing services or platforms that connect users to sell products with users who need them. This style of work shows an accelerated growth of these new companies concerned to solve a social problem as well as enhance an experience. In this sense, the work platforms 3.0, creating a bridge for companies that need to solve a project ecuentren the “digital talent” who can be included. This is a business that has grown in the last year above 160%, all from a long experience of effective collaboration. The growth and recognition used to take 10 or 15 years, today companies based in this new economy takes them 3-5 thanks to information technology.

These new dynamics, driving the development of the collaborative economy to grow at speed. They open the possibility of having “digital talent” concept has evolved from the word ‘ freelance ‘Professional tailor the project can work in organizing external and independent manner, and help achieve specific results in a given time. Today you should bet on new digital work structures that allow the company to continue to grow in a context that is installing it online as the way of doing business present and future.

Job security is no longer part of the aspirations of the new generations: According to the consulting MBO Partners, 29% of Gen Y, who in a few years integrate the labor market in most states that seek independence in terms after finishing his professional career. Today the independent workforce occupies 23% of this market in the US and speaks 50% of workers lined up a work platform 2020 3.0.

As stated in the National Council for Trade in Toronto, held in November last year, the growing desire of the younger occupationally generation and challenges to control the future of his career, will result in a revolution in the way we operate and hiring of large companies.

Thanks to the work management platforms 3.0 and collaborative consumption, we see how it has thrived generation independent digital talent, working to build your personal brand online, offering services and consulting to companies of different industries.