The History of Windows with Ads from The Begging Until Windows 10 | Arrived and In Use Now


Taking advantage we have Windows 10 just around the corner – eight days – and that the first announcement of the platform has been put into circulation, it seems a good time to see how they managed to hype earlier. Let’s try to see it from the first generation of the operating system Microsoft.


Windows 1.0, Ballmer in action

We must go back to 1985, and not sure if it’s really an ad that appeared face to the public, or internal work of Microsoft. Anyway, Ballmer appears in all its splendor: screams and little breath to tell how affordable it was the operating system.


Windows 2.1x, 386: rapper secretary

The thing is not stabilized in the next production too they did in 1988, with a video of more than 12 minutes – we only have half – in which we are bombarded with a strange rap a clerk, with which we want to imply that Windows is the solution to your problems.

Windows 3.1, two styles

Four years later, things have changed somewhat, with two very different results. In one of them is a secretary again the protagonist, who is shocked by the graphical interface and mouse usage.

The second option is intended for the Japanese market, and is as strange as the first videos, all the more histrionic. Go down the volume:

Windows 95, revolution

We jump to 1995, and we have a lot of different videos for a very powerful campaign Microsoft. Perhaps the most striking is the one that uses the ” Start me up “by the Rolling while showing us the endless possibilities of the new system, which has already been seen in laptops:

Other important developments gathered, with the mood of the time, new features and the revolution in the graphical interface of Windows 95. Here was born the start menu, and many more who are with us today:

Windows 98, the system for all

Continuing with the previous version, Windows 98 appeared in the year that marks his name, selling us an ideal system to deploy the best games, multimedia capabilities, productivity or education.

This time the own Bill Gates, accompanied by Ballmer, lost some embarrassment to promote the system:

Windows 2000, advertising for servers

Microsoft’s work in the world of customer-server, also had its propaganda, and although it was directed towards a professional field, the videos also had their extravagant and striking point. A good example in 1999, the year of occurrence of Windows 2000 :

Windows Me, errors and connections

A year later we have Windows Millennium Edition. Although the system had many critics – many errors, hardware requirements – your ads were performing a new level, focusing on teaching what could be done with them: video games, multimedia, wireless camera – USB – mounted networks, and Internet access.

Windows XP, eternal

My favorite, and I guess that many, and which appeared in 2001 and has been living with us for over a decade. The main ad pulled the Ray of light Madonna with a campaign that focused the issue on communication, instant messaging and web cameras as tools, in addition to strengthening the above.

If you thought that Ballmer became crazy in the presentation of Windows 1.0, it returns to the fray here to inform us about the price of XP:

In all this time there was also the occasion to publicize the version for servers, Windows Server 2003:

Windows Vista, not so WOW

The main announcement of Vista tried to anticipate that we would be staying with her mouth open, hence the ” WOW “that repeats endlessly. It appeared in late 2006 and spent almost three years being updated.

In a nicer presentation, Microsoft tried to sell a system that many users did not need XP, or had no real improvement in change. The hardware, licensing and security requirements did not make a beloved version:

Windows 7, showing the functional

There are a couple of known video premiere Windows 7, both pretty bland, but fulfill the function, to publicize the product, instead of going through the hills of Ubeda. The operating system dates from July 2009, lasted four years to date.

The first lists we earlier versions to square with the number 7 in the new version, while the second is reviewing news: new graphical interface, customization options, play with windows, universal search, etc:

There were also ads for Windows Server 2008 :

I’m a PC

In parallel with Windows 7 we have a campaign that became famous by competing with the Get a Macfrom Apple. 300 million dollars were spent on it, with very famous people, as you can see in the following example:

An example of response Get a Mac :

Windows 8, Metro and touch

Windows 8 catches us very close, has been less than three years since its inception. The main added in the interface is about adaptation to touchscreens, and thus creating Metro UI. He also worked on the app store, and enhance the overall performance of the hardware.

In August 2013 he got a major upgrade, Windows 8.1, also released his own ad. Many significant changes as around the start button, or multiple windows, all designed for tablets or computers. The amount of video and quality has improved a lot in recent versions, we can bore on their channel.

Windows 10, reborn

Just over a week to Windows 10, and then we share is your first ad. The slogan used is “a more human way of doing things”, and there are many children symbolizing the rebirth of the platform, also the simplicity of the new version.

Windows 10: I’ve been a few months with the preview and this has been my experience

All ads, or almost

I do not know if any escape, I can not control them all, but in the video below have forty minutes going from Windows 1.0 to version 8.1, with real rarities to Asian markets, or versions of the most popular. There it goes …