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The Importance of Life Insurance | Insurance -
The Importance of Life Insurance | Insurance -

The current economic situation is forcing many families to give an order of priorities in the expenses of the household. Life insurance is one of those <expenses> that often arise removed from the priority list.

Perhaps the reduction in income do people think that if they are healthy, to continue life insurance, money that can deal with other payments that need addressing. Nothing is further from reality, we do not realize the big mistake that you can commit to making this decision.

Indeed, in these circumstances it is when one should think and realize that having life insurance is very important to maintain stability in the event of death or disability of one of the members that support the family economy. He understands that if a person is flush with money or do not have family that falls on non-payment of debts, does not see the need for this insurance, but when they depend on you or your contribution is important to carry on the family, insurance Life should not be an option, we have to deal as a priority and I hope you never have to use it.

Ask yourself, if you had died yesterday What would be the situation of your family from this time ?.The answer you will see whether or not you have a life insurance.

Life insurance settled some 2,400 mortgages each year according to a study by UNESPA . In these cases, the insurance covers the important function of protecting the heritage, because after paying off the debt with the bank and the family be freed from paying the monthly mortgage, it can cope with the household economy, even with declining revenue for the deceased.

This information is very useful, since many cases, family members know whether the deceased had contracted Life insurance.


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