The Influence of Women Entrepreneurs in Business Environment | Business


Since last year we have so far observed increased percentage of women venturing entrepreneurship and occupy large positions in companies. The numbers are nothing negative, although much remains to be done. In private companies, only 6.5% have a female CEO and 1.3% have a founder. Despite these numbers and gender issues, there is good news:

Women leading technology companies do a great job and are recognized by the media. Recent data have shown that technology companies started by women are more profitable , achieving a 35% performance increase.And, thanks to the role being played by women in today’s businesses, investors are starting to look at the role of the female leader in the business environment.


Leaders powerful

According to a study by Harvard Business magazine, women play a role of leader better than men. And that is because of two reasons: they know how to take the initiative and manage the situation for long-term results.

Given that a few years ago women were relegated to the home and rejected boardrooms, these developments represent a radical change and a hope to arouse the motivation of most women do not even dare to take the plunge.


Great success in business run by women

The role of women as leaders appears to be the primary key for a business to succeed. And I refer to the data: the rate of failure of new businesses with two or fewer women executives is 50.3%, while companies with five or more women in senior positions have a success rate of 61%.

But also another advantage for entrepreneurs is that venture capital investors look favorably on the professionalism of the female gender . Despite the decline that they had between 1997 and 2000 with the dotcom boom, between 2000 and 2011, the picture changed dramatically, getting these companies run by women more than 40% of investments venture capital (a decade ago received only 6%).

Also, as a curiosity I have to point out that private investors invest 12% more in companies led by women than those headed by men.And even today, venture capital companies are seeing an opportunity for the future and are more willing to invest in businesses run by women.


The formula to be successful

There is no magic formula for success in your company. It is true, according to some studies, most women doubt their abilities and feel unprepared , while a man has no such attacks and insecurity is more prepared than it is.

Another of the fears that women face is the fear of the unknown , not having time for herself or her family. That will be the challenge to be faced and find the perfect balance to run a business and fulfill the tasks of your home.


Finding the balance

For the role of women continue to be valued in the field of business and that the statistics continue to grow, it is important to know to find that balance we talked about before, because only then can we succeed in our personal and professional lives .To do this, I advise a series of habits:


1. Work your mind

An important habit to success is learning how to visualize in your mind what it would be what you’d get in your life and what you feel would produce. This will help you get closer to your aspirations and achieve them.

It is also very important to learn to make decisions .Mental clarity facilitates see what decisions are that will bring you closer to your goals.But be careful impulsive, if you take a wrong decision, do not get frustrated, learn from mistakes and try to improve.


2. Practice some sport

Daily exercise is very beneficial to your health, releases endorphin and this is great for boosting your mood and increase your energy. But is that besides feel better about yourself, you will reduce stress levels.If you do not have time, that’s no excuse, you just have to spend half an hour a day, and your body and mind will thank you.


3. Make lists to achieve goals

Grab a pen and paper and begins to develop a list of goals you want to meet short and long term.Then, prioritize the most important and focus on them. In the end, you will be smaller targets, which will seem easier to implement, once made ​​the most important.

Do not forget that you will have to commit to all the goals you’ve reflected on that list.This will certainly be a good exercise to improve your productivity and efficiency.


4. Rate each detail and celebrating the triumphs

You need to pay attention to every action you take in your business to see if that action will have value for your goals.

And in the same way that you value all actions, you should also celebrate each victory , however small.That energy will give you the strength to go forward with a vengeance.

And finally I find very interesting to leave you this reflection I read in a recent article by María Gómez del Pozuelo , CEO of Womenalia, which reads as follows: “I’m not proud of my schedule, not being able to spend more time with my family and friends as before … But I am clear that  I want to change the world  and this will only happen if I’m the engine for it and that can only be achieved by putting the heart into it every minute of my time. ”

And you, do you think you can change the world? Tell us your experience and if you liked this article,please feel free to share it on social networks , you could help someone to achieve a goals.