The LG G Flex 2 Is Set To Kick: I Get It For Just 320 Euros

The LG G Flex 2 Is Set To Kick: I Get It For Just 320 Euros - -
The LG G Flex 2 Is Set To Kick: I Get It For Just 320 Euros - -

Occasionally skip a warning somewhere in the world that gets to throw a mobile that we want to buy. This, years ago, would have been impossible but thanks to online shopping, no matter where they have mounted display that can take advantage of this bargain smoothly. And in the case of this original terminal, with curved screen further.

Compradlo today, receive Him Wednesday

This LG G Flex 2 takes a few months on the market and although it has fallen in price in respect of which had at the time of its launch, has now been reduced even more, specifically 449 to $ 329 , ie 120 less. Also, when we do the conversion to euros the thing it is even better because it is placed at just 295. So with this price, how to resist?

You have the information in the link below the all but you know that the offer is not only good but the facilities to receive are better. At the same time we pick up the phone and took him to the car, you see the possibility to predefine shipping to Europe and calculate transport prices. Rightly Expansys forces us to take a shipment of almost $ 25. We do not know if it will seem expensive, but we can tell you that we have tested in the past and by buying now have mobile, no later than next Wednesday.

LG G Flex 2 offer.

Curved screen second generation

The LG G Flex 2 came out earlier this year with the intention of consolidating the range and its commitment to a curved and flexible display. Remember that first model last year stood at a modest 720p and now the Koreans wanted to rise to 1,080 within 5.5 inches. Keep away from the QHD panels Samsung and company, but we are in a more than acceptable levels.

For the rest, the LG G Flex 2 carries a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit, octa-core, 2GB of RAM and internal storage 32 (the model is for sale) expandable via microSD, and 13MP main camera another front of 2.1, 3,000 mAh battery. and an installation of Android Lollipop will soon come to version 5.1.1.

At the moment there are units in stock , but it gives us that soon could disappear, would not you think? Tell us.