The Mineral Exploitation Of Space On Discussion: Who Owns The Asteroids?


Many science fiction films set in space tell of mineral holdings which can obtain valuable materials for all kinds of purposes, but this is one of those areas in which the moment is a long way (or space) to go.And yet, the future of these mines are already being debated.

The SPACE Act being debated in the Congress of the United States is one of the first attempts to establish a regulation for such holdings, according to first draft would make any private company could exploit asteroids and sell what they got those operations.

The space mining is not a sci-fi

Oddly enough, there are companies that are invested time and money in that future. Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries are two good examples of companies that try to make it to exploit asteroids and to extract metals or water, with the right technology, can be reused to propel rockets and facilitate travel between asteroids and back to Earth.

Exploring the possibilities that generate these asteroids is not new, and websites like Asterank provides information about the size of asteroids and composition, in addition to a ‘ranking of the most valuable asteroids. ” Some could be of enormous value to this site estimated at 100 trillion dollars, which certainly makes this potential mineral exploitation generate much research and development.

In Planetary Resources they have been working on their ship Arkyd, and are financed by investors as Larry Page, James Cameron and Sir Richard Branson. And so it is with DSI, which is already very advanced design of FireFly ship. Although there is still at least a decade to reach the point that these ships deployed its mining operations, there are decades of accumulated research and work that seem to make this space mining something that is much closer than you might think.

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