The Most Famous Apps Removed From Google Play


For many years it has been the belief that in Google Play, formerly known as Android Market, entered every application. It is true that while it was easy to find malicious apps but today the shop conditions have tightened and is now safer.

In that way controlling more Google Play, many applications have been lost along the way. Some to be problematic for the user and others to be conflicting with some brushed registered or because the illegality brands. Today we make a summary of this black list of the most famous cases.



Durak is a very popular card game in Russia and the Soviet countries. If you go to Google Play there are plenty of clones but there was one very popular, with five million download in its day, it has to be removed for a simple reason: installation was malicious.

Once we had the game in our mobile and we opened, the application was responsible for “infect” the mobile introducing pop ups in other apps with the aim of generating more clicks and therefore more profits to the original developer. It will soon remove and fortunately, today, is completely safe Durak lose a game for Android.



Emulators have never had trouble getting into Google Play. In fact, if we do a quick search it is easy to find applications for all emulables cais classic consoles. However, at the time there was a problem with a particular emulator: PSX4Droid.

With this emulator we were able to load Playstation games without much difficulty. Worked well, had support for much of the catalog … However, Sony Mobile is not funny (at the time when they bet big on Xperia Play) and pressed to remove it altogether. It is also true that the use of the bios console did not quite like. PSX4Droid can continue downloading elsewhere and, interestingly, Google Play is another emulator for the console: FPSE.


Retro Olympics At first sight Retro Olympics seemed an innocent game: a mash buttons where we had to tap the screen as fast as we could to get the evidence first. No, there are no malware or controversial content. Simply they license to use a pair of trademarks on the Olympics without asking previously taken.

This earned them to be removed from Google Play at the time. Fortunately, the creators returned later eliminating the marks of contention and renaming the game like Retro Sports Pro. It is worth keeping an eye because it is fun and very good technical bill.



XMBC has had many comings and goings in Google Play. In their day they were there but later disappeared. It was not clear why but it was rumored that could be due to some copyright infringement in some of the promotional images. Applications of this type have always been in the Android app store.

Fortunately Kodi, the evolution of XMBC, debuted recently at Google Play.Worth checking it out because the application is complete, has many options and is the most complete when handling a multimedia center at home option.In addition, it is free.


Popcorn Time Popcorn Time tried to enter its day in Google Play but its adventure was short-lived. The reasons are clear: series and movies streaming copyrighted. We can also download it from their official website and recently in Engadget Android we explain thoroughly how it worked and what we could see from it. An application very interesting and equally controversial.


Is my son gay?

As you know, some people think that being gay is a disease and that there are ways to diagnose and prevent it. Of all the current of thought emerged at the time an application to test mode that allowed us to “know” if our son was homosexual.

The reasons for removal were obvious: the methodology had no scientific basis and the application had a clear homophobic hue. It was removed a few years ago and has not heard anything from it or similar to Google Play, fortunately versions.



Grooveshark for a long time became one of the most popular services to listen to free music. Finally it closed but before extinction occurs, the Android application in Google Play disappeared. As you imagine hearing the copyrighted music without paying not made them very funny.

The company have disappeared and there is no application Grooveshark to listen. What does that there are alternatives, some of them very interesting as NetEase, for many Chinese Spotify.


Virus Shield

Some time ago we talked about this application, Virus Shield is one of modern scams of Google Play. The application allegedly was responsible for removing all the viruses we had in our mobile. To locate exhaustive surveillance but was doing an analysis of the code we saw the shame of its developer.

Actually Virus Shield did not analyze anything, it was simply an application that ran one count down the code and once finished showed an animation. Smoke, bad reviews and a fraudulent operation that helped it be eliminated and that the developer lost his account Google Play. Better luck next time.



A Google does not do much grace that geste download YouTube videos to save them on your computer. In his day there was a sea of useful application that made this job very well, his name is TubeMate and even has long turned a blind eye to it, eventually eliminated.

Given that YouTube is making an effort with his payment service that allows, among others, save videos in the cache of your mobile device, it is normal to want to avoid that anyone can download them to your liking.Fortunately we can continuedownloading by other means .



Just our list with another emulator. Nintendo this time is who is behind the removal of this application. They did not like the idea that we could play Super Nintendo titles in our Android but, I must say, eliminate one of the best emulators for our phones and tablets has not done much.

First, there is a solution based on the source code of Snes9X version that works just as well. There is also another emulator called SuperRetro16 even more complete and with many options. In fact, the latter had to change his name because originally it was SuperGNES. As you see, options remain.