The most impressive figure of ‘Dragon Ball’, With Hologram

The most impressive figure of 'Dragon Ball', With Hologram -
The most impressive figure of 'Dragon Ball', With Hologram -

If you are a collector of figures ‘Dragon Ball’, sure that you own or know some amazing models. Anyway, there’s nothing like seeing them come to life thanks to a little technology.

That’s what got the ZW Design Brazilian group, fulfilling one of my childhood dreams: becoming a figure of Goku Super Saiyan famous Kamehameha. The result is truly impressive and it seems that you have to remove from the ballot box so you do not reach the wave:

To achieve this effect so impressive two holograms have been used, technique gets round the figure of ‘Dragon Ball’ effects that look real. Surely many would dream of having such figure in their homes, still the envy of other fans of the series.

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