The New iPod Touch Reaches 128 GB In Its New Updated After 3 years

The New iPod Touch Reaches 128 GB In Its New Updated After 3 years
The New iPod Touch Reaches 128 GB In Its New Updated After 3 years

Rumors were very strong in the last hours and finally dropped by its own weight. We have new Apple iPod as we head iPod Touch which is updated some of its most critical sections after three years without news.

Plus a 128 GB iPod Touch , new processor and better camera, Apple introduces new iPod Shuffle and Nano , which only added to the current models a range of new colors, keeping prices of 179 euros for the 16 GB and Nano 55 euros Shuffle 2GB.

New iPod Touch, playing catch

With the recent release of Apple Music , the range of music players representing Apple iPod Touch had the perfect excuse to catch up. They do first with the ability of its models, which now includes one128 GB of internal memory .

The remaining capacities remain the same, with 16, 32 and 64 GB . Again we must insist that no possible memory expansion, the 16 GB in a multimedia computer like this is a ridiculous capacity.

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The processor also is renewed and is now 64-bit chip as the A8, allowing you to keep up with future updates to the IOS operating system. It has also been added to your specification sheet M8 motion coprocessor that is customary in the company smarpthones.

Improved camera but with the same 4-inch screen

The camera is another element that receives and passes an improvement to match the resolution of 8MP phones. It should not be the primary use of an iPod Touch, but it is appreciated that this detail care by Apple. The sensor has an f2.4 aperture and lens is five elements.

The secondary camera is 1.2 MP with F2.2 and Auto HDR for both photos and videos. In the latter case the quality is 720p, but in the main we get 1080p videos with video camera slow and stabilization.

Moreover, the design, size and resolution of the screen (4 inches and 1,136 x 640 pixels, which we think is rather short and if we consider the iPod Touch as more than a simple music player and watch is kept to game, for example) and light weight and thickness, that is 88 grams and 6 mm in this new model. WiFi connectivity is also updated and it is ac.

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The prices of these new iPod Touch start at the 229 euros the 16GB model , up to 279, 339 and 449 euros as double the capacity. There are six colors available, with red special edition adding to the five basic.

More information | Apple .