The new smart helmet BMW - Intelligent helmet for
The new smart helmet BMW - Intelligent helmet for

Although it ended a few days ago, and still keep coming gadgets presented at CES 2016, BMW like this could come in the future for all those motorcycle enthusiasts.

The gadget that always goes hand in hand with the motorcycle, and no doubt all self-respecting pilot responsible should be used, is the helmet. For several years, manufacturers and enthusiasts of this sector have sought ways to develop this vital part of the pilot, to equip technology but without losing that level of security and, although there are some interesting solutions as in the case of Skully, BMW does not plan to stay with his arms folded and presents an interesting solution.

The new smart helmet BMW - Intelligent helmet for

And the new prototype of the Bavarian company town comes loaded with technology to have a new system head-up display on the inside, where it screened very useful information to the driver who is from the state of the motorcycle, trip information, and the best route available, approximate time and whether any notification of an accident or traffic accident there, not to mention it also works perfectly as a handsfree.

Another interesting point is the torque integrated in the body of the helmet cameras, one front and one rear, this allows the system to detect the signs as speed limits, signs of caution etc.Moreover, the rear camera serve as mirror through the HUB showing what happens behind us.

The new smart helmet BMW - Intelligent helmet for

The new smart helmet BMW - Intelligent helmet for motorcyclists-tinoshare.comAlthough HUD is uniquely positioned for the right eye, the screen will allow evenly distribute information without hindering the vision in that eye. The checks will be both voice commands and physical, which would be positioned on the handlebars of the motorcycle in order to control the options without ever losing sight of the road.





The new smart helmet BMW - Intelligent helmet for motorcyclists-tinoshare.comAs for autonomy helmet will have a life of 5 hours before needing recharging, so far it is not known if the helmet is compatible only with the same brand motorcycles as well as price and release date.






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