The Power Is In Your Hands: Remote Control Applications For Television

The Power Is In Your Hands: Remote Control App For Television - -
The Power Is In Your Hands: Remote Control App For Television - -

The remote control is something that we always want to have at hand, but often don’t know where we left off.  As a device that uses the whole family, we never clear where we left since the last time we used it. So you don’t to have any remote application installed on your smartphone to control the TV.

In addition, these applications often add extra functionality to the remote control, which can come in handy have a Smart TV, such as the channel display we’re seeing in the phone easier to add text from the keyboard smartphone or to schedule recordings or channels or exchange files easily.

But the remote control does not have to serve only for television, yet we also have the possibility to use it with other devices that can be connected to the TV, such as the Blu-Ray media players so that they also serve to out of the way many small secondary controls.

Sony TV Side View

Tv sideview The Power Is In Your Hands: Remote Control App For Television - -

The application of Sony remote control is compatible with Xperia devices and also with the SmartWatch 3 SWR50. It works for Bravia TV range of 2013 and beyond. It is also compatible with smartphones from other brands. In addition, the app is compatible with services like Netflix, which will arrive soon.

We can consult the program guide, give ourselves anywhere, marking our favorite shows so that we appear on the phone notices or SmartWatch. Within the same WiFi network, remote control works seamlessly, where we can find television programs and Internet search-related, videos or home media server.

Universal remote control applications

Then we can choose a lot of applications universal remote control. The important thing here is to check whether they are compatible with both the smartphone as your Smart TV. Besides the configuration or pairing, both devices can be a bit more complex and depends on the type of smartphone and TV that have all the features or not.

Among the most notable applications include the following:

  • Universal remote control not only be the remote control for your television, it will also serve to manage from air conditioners to various home automation components, provided they are compatible with the application and the smartphone. Regarding the TV remote can operate both WiFi and infrared.
  • TV Remote Control Android is the app for any Android device control TV. With this, you can switch between the touchpad, use the voice search or use the keyboard for text. Maybe you are missing something more functionality, but makes a lot of roads ahead.


  • Unified Remote is perhaps one of a complete remote control in this case computer applications. It lets you use your smartphone to control the mouse, keyboard or display screen. It is very useful if you have an HTPC connected to your TV, where you can easily control applications like Kodi (XBMC), Plex, Windows Media Center, Boxee and others like YouTube, Netflix or Hulu.
  • Universal Remote TV Easy offers options control via IR port, IR Blaster or WiFi. TV guide features and supports a large number of TVs on the market. It offers basic channels or volume handling functions.


Applications for a particular brand of television

After each TV manufacturer usually provides its own application. Usually, they can be installed on any phone, but some brands like Samsung offer it for its range of smartphones or tablets only Galaxy. They are applications that provide more functionality, with control options like those offered by the remote control and improve certain aspects. Some of the leading manufacturers are:

  • LG TV Remote is an application for LG TV, compatible with all types of smartphones and allows us to control the TV whenever we are on the same WiFi. To highlight the unified searches of contents or the opportunity to continue watching a channel on the smartphone itself.

Panasonic The Power Is In Your Hands: Remote Control App For Television - -

  • Panasonic Remote helps us control this manufacturer tv from our smartphones if both are connected to the same WiFi network. We can transfer files between devices and manage the basic functions of the TV.
  • Philips MyRemote lets you browse through your program guide, check to see if you have made a program recording or control the TV easily from the phone and also from the tablet.

This is not to replace our remote through these applications, but rather to have a secondary command, that we will always have on hand, since the smartphone has become indispensable for us and always we have located or We are fiddling with it while watching our favorite show.